Gumroad and Stripe issues

I’ve been notified by gumroad that stripe have flagged my account for deletion - can’t see why, I’ve posted no images on there - anyway I’ve removed some text, anonymised files and I’m going to argue my case, but likely my gumroad links will start to fail from 25th April.

If there are any scripts of mine you want - now might be the time :unamused:

Not sure if it matters, but you have integrated gumroad on your landing pages.

Perhaps. The odd thing is that Stripe instructed Gumroad to do it - so wondering if it was the product name (which included video name) - anyway, have changed names to generic code, and asked them to see if can rectify - waiting for response.

Gumroad have responded, and I’m afraid it’s not good news. Changing the names to conceal the product nature will not work - Stripe are objecting to the fact that the products are fetish related, and concealing that fact will not solve my problem. Only way I could stop the suspension is to delete all fetish products and introduce some non-fetish ones… so basically I can continue selling until 25th, then the account will be closed.

Anyone know a selling mechanism other than Gumroad, let me know.

For anyone that does buy any scripts before the 25th, note that the filenames are currently the Gumroad product ID (visible in the URL of the link) - yes I know that’s a bit of a pain, sorry, I was trying to avoid the suspension.

Same problem with stripe + paypal but maybe it work with a clean, not adult material associated product portfolio?

Thanks, that is one of the options I’m looking at - tempted to leave off Stripe and just have Paypal as a method. Sounds like Stripe might be on a bit of a crusade.

Here is the response I got back from Gumroad…

"So… basically it’s going to be tough for you. They’re not allowing us to process sales for anything that’s fetish-driven. Since thats 100% of your products, in order to keep selling on Gumroad, you’d have to:

  1. Delete or archive all of your fetish/NSFW products
  2. Create some SFW products to sell that aren’t fetish-driven or made for sexual gratification purposes

OR you can keep making sales until April 25, and get paid out. Here are some NSFW-friendly platforms and higher-risk processors that would be able to accommodate your store:


I wish I had better news, I’m sorry. "

A lot of people loses all their earned money with paypal. Paypal is much more intolerant with adult material as stripe.

Hi Goldvortex and Madscripts :slight_smile:
I’m having the same issue with Gumroad, It looks like they will just not let funscripts be sold anymore and it doesn’t matter what name it is.
Maybe working with Zip or Rarfiles ? But anyway it looks like the time of selling funscripts on gumroad will be over after 25 april.

They adviced the following possibilities for future purchases:

I’d like to hear the community Ideas.
I think it would be good that the most use a common portal so for the buyers it feels trusted.

  • CC Bill
  • Verotel
  • Merrick
  • Harris
  • Corepay
  • Paykings

For those who really want to buy my funscripts I give a discount untill 25 april for 20%. It might take a while to adjust all the links on the new site.


My complete script portfolio you can find by Clicking my name here:

also got the email from “Gumroad”
i can ensure you this emailadress it is send from is not a verified email account so consider this as scamming mail.
also my gumroad account does not say anything as flagged for deletion on the 25th
if this is a real mail yeah , bad luck for the people that don’t have my scripts yet , will be selling these scripts to someone willing to sell them and keep them + all rights

The email I had from did fail it’s DKIM check - and the originating email source does look iffy - however - they responded to my question sent to the support address. They wouldn’t be the first company to have their email set up badly. In any event, we’ll know after the 25th April.

As expected, Gumroad binned my shop. At least they did pay me out. Going to try payhip as an alternative, have transferred first script across as a test.