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I am not sure if this will be the correct location for this topic but hopefully it is.
So I have been thinking about correct timings and player used to test the individual scripts. So as of now in posting a script there are a couple of descriptors (can’t think what else to call them) like picture, details, video length, vid link and script. In using others’ scripts, sometimes it takes a while to NAIL the timing to sync the script and movement of the individual toys. I think it could be tremendously helpful, if there were the categories of which player was used to test the script and the optimal timing settings. Maybe this wouldn’t work OR maybe I am the only one that would find it useful. Or maybe that is taken care of with the notes section. But in using all the great scripts here, I tend to spend too much time syncing precisely. Again, maybe I am a doof, but…
Just a thought.

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what actually determines the delay offset? Is it just the toy? Does the computer and personal scripting settings also play into it?

I’m totally oblivious to how knowable a script’s delay is.

The delays of Handy changes. It depends on your internet connection and how busy the server is. A script that plays well on -150ms right now might need -250ms tomorrow.

Part of the delay will always be the player itself but as far as I see its mainly the connection.

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A script that plays well on -150ms right now might need -250ms tomorrow.

huh. Well that explains a lot

If you want to make an experiment then download something with your full bandwith and then try to play a script :wink:

I always limit my downloads when I use Handy.

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Ahhhhhh…Well, i am learning sumpin. I didn’t know internet speed and servers played into it. Even when just using script player? Using handyfeeling, that would make sense but it seems like things would stay pretty much the same not using internet. It’s all just within one’s PC. But admittedly, and for good reason, I am not a tech dude.
If all that affects the timings, then my idea is pretty much moot. :man_shrugging:

Even when you’re using ScriptPlayer or HandyControl, the app is still making HTTP calls to handyfeeling.com/api/v1 to actually control the Handy.

The only way to get around that is to use the upcoming Bluetooth features in v3 of the firmware.

The things you learn. :open_mouth:
I really appreciate all the responses. Thanks @defucilis
I am learning alot and that, I think, can only help in creating scripts and knowing more about how they are enjoyed.
Also, will the handy automatically update when the new features are released or will you need to go through handyfeeling? I pretty much never use handyfeeling. So should I be looking out for that via the site?

The best way of making sure the script is in sync is to check the script with the simulator in JFS or OFS. If that is in sync then it’s all good and it’s only a matter of setting up your device correctly.

The IRL testing is more to see that the device run the script well. The devices might not run smoothly if points too close to each other, movements might not feel right in parts where you had to be creative to match the action in the video, too fast speeds might cause the player/firmware to cut the stroke short and start moving to the next point, etc. Those things are not discovered with the simulator.

No, you have to go to the HandyFeelings website. I think it will tell you if you have to update if a new version is available. In HandyControl settings there is also a button GetVersion that tells you if a newer version is available.

Thanks so much @Lucifie
Ugh! I guess I have to maintain a connection to the outside world. :expressionless: