Handly Sleeve losing it's magic

So I’ve been using theHandy for about a year now, and I love it. I bought it, knowing I program stuff and if I could program funscripts (sex) my life would be happier lol. theHandy sleeve is awesome, and I love it. But either I’ve done something to it, or I need to purchase another one (which I doubt is the case).

Without getting TMI, it either slips off if I use lube, or feels like shit if I don’t use enough. I’ve noticed the bottom “lip” at the very very bottom is starting to push in after a lot of use. (I like fast scripts). And because of that, keeping suction becomes a problem because either it’s too much, or not enough. Too much and it’s too tight. Not enough and it flies out. (especially with lube, not having that sleeve in there going max speed…fucking sucks lol)

Has anyone experienced this? Were you able to fix it? Any tricks of the trade? I thought about modding it with another onahole like many that are mentioned in forums, but I don’t have a 3d Printer for the casing, and tbh I’m pretty broke.

Any advice is totally welcomed. NGL, at this point, messing around with theHandy is like taking it out to dinner and a date with how much shit I have to do for it lol

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Buy a new one. The soft sleeve will degrade over time, especially depending on usage style. The usage style you describe is exactly the usage style that will speed up degredation. Mine has begun to degrade as well, and Im shopping around. Im annoyed they (The Handy) overindexed on open ended sleeves. I have no idea what the obsession is with open ended sleeves. The additional cleanup adds to the effort of using toys.


lol I totally agree with you man. People really wanted them though, and I don’t get why but hey…to each their own. Luckily the sleeves are like $20 USD so, props on theHandy for that. And thank you for the confirmation in what i hoped wasn’t the case, but kinda knew lol, and your insight with your experience.

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I think a lot of us were waiting for this, but the thread seems to have gone dry.


The Tenga Crysta is a pefect replacement sleeve. It fits perfectly into the Handy grip, no need for any adjustments or mods, and feels damn amazing (prefer over the stock sleeve). Cleanup is super easy. Would strongly reccomend, 3 options to choose (I enjoy leaf, but I know ball has the best reviews).


^ That Tenga looks like a good closed ended option actually - Im wondering if it wont slip off strap too much though without any lip to grip onto

Alternatively, give the Fleshskin a try - downside is there is a tiny hole at the top, but its more like a fleshlight longer sleeve feel and never slips off as you can loop the strap through any grip hole


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I use a whole gamut of non-handy sleeves and enjoy them all. On the handy control discord (going through some severe changes, but it’s a place where you at least formerly could hook up to be controlled or control remotely) a lot of us have defaulted to the fleshjack quickshots - used outside of the case. You won’t get suction with this setup but I don’t have problems with the sleeve slipping out of the band and they seem adept for long sessions. Some of the tengas and genmus with airholes are great and give good sucking action but they can be a bit of a strain on the handy. I’ve actually also used the handy with a full size fleshlight / fleshjack.