Hands-free for less than $30, upgraded strap and other helpful tips for handy owners

This is my first post here, I apologize if anything is done incorrectly.

Sample : https://vimeo.com/652371788

Instructions: https://imgur.com/a/jrISJwz

All the links for the supplies are at the bottom of the reddit post below here:

It may look risky to some, but once you put it on and feel the tension it has on the handy, you will have full confidence going hands free. I’ve tried multiple hands free setups, this works the best by far for me. It took me a really long time before settling on this. The #1 thing I kept in mind was safety. I call it "The Extra “Hand"y”

  • No sharp edges, hard plastics, no zipties/hose clamps.
  • No 3d printed parts, inexpensive, easily available pieces
  • Works in all positions
  • Easy to re-lube
  • Holds the handy in the correct position
  • Light weight, doesn’t take up any additional space in bed or chair, easy to clean
  • Don’t need a desk to mount to, will fit most body types
  • Holds tighter than any other hands free setup I’ve tried, comfortable and adjustable
  • Full speed strokes with no problems, I use a 450 gram sleeve.
  • As close to using the handy regularly without a mount, no awkwardness trying to position yourself into a setup.

I just want you guys to experience what I am.

At the very least, everyone should try the sock velcro method. If you haven’t found a way to keep your sleeves from slipping. It works so well. Also, $6.99 to replace the original Handy strap and you get 2, with extras is a no brainer.

It may take some fiddling the first few tries before you get used to it. The more you use it, the more confidence you will have in it. It works amazingly well for me, actually surprised at how well. Feel free to ask any questions.

Please remember to use common sense, be careful and have fun.


Looks interesting. Having a hard time figuring out what that harness is from. You said to find “links for the supplies” but I don’t see them. Could you please post them again?

Sorry about that, they are at the bottom of the reddit post.

This is the sort of setup I’ve been looking for. Gonna give it a shot.

Can you elaborate on the socks? Is the foot part cut off? Or is it rolled up in some way. Hard to figure from the pictures.

I was skeptical at first too. After the 3rd or 4th try, I decided…we have a winner. The original sleeve is in a baby/toddler sock. You were right, It’s just rolled back. Correct again, the larger sleeve is in the top part of a tube sock with the foot cut off.

Worst case scenario you lose $10 on the harness, you can always use the straps and the velcro. Just be patient, once you get everything right it is amazing. Read through the reddit post, I go into further details there.

Good luck and report back with your results.

but can you walk around with it ( ignoring the lenght of the cable for now )

As a matter of fact, you can.

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this video made me realize my Handy needs a good amount of grease. Yours is so quiet compared to mine!

I’ve never thought I would like to buy a harness belt for myself, but ngl this looks tempting :smiley:

Is it fine to use the setup while sitting?

Glad it helped! I used Brother DTG Grease EM-30L. 1 time about 6 months ago. Still nice as of today.

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Ahh…The man, The myth, The legend…Husky. Let me first off express my deepest gratitude, for everything you have done for the community. Everything I know about scripting I learned from your tutorials. You are like a mentor to me. Thank you.

Everything you have ever said and done has always been constructive, non-judgemental and always helpful. You are a bright shining star to me and this community. The one thing I can always respect and appreciate more than anything is hard work. You sir, have done so much, just to give it all away for free.

Sometimes it takes another scripter to realize, how much work actually goes into scripting. People just come in, download scripts without a single thought and just take off. Let me thank you on behalf of all those people and myself. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you sir. Thank you.

About the harness, I was skeptical too. If you’re going to be using it sitting, you will have to lean back slightly. it won’t work very well hunched over. You may have to experiment a little with positioning, but once you get it right it’s amazing. If you’re interested read through the reddit post, I go into further details there. I personally don’t plan on using any other hands free method.

Your scripts are amazing btw, exactly how I like them. I’ve never had a bad time with any of your scripts. A huge thank you once again.


Where do you apply the grease? Just in the slot?

I just used a small water color paint brush, to apply a thin layer of grease on the threaded rod you can see through the slot.

Thanks homie

Second Question,

If I just got the Harness and want to use a standard handy sleeve that I cut the top off of, will it hold in place? Or do i need the other stuff?

For the best experience, and for the hands free to work properly, you will need all 3 items linked in the reddit post.

All 3 items have a key role in the setup.

If you cut the top of the original sleeve, cut the top of the sock to match. If you follow the instructions it will not slip at all.

If you’re looking for realism, try something like this: https://www.toydemon.com/lilith-uterus-soft

It’s what I use personally. Or any other Japanese onahole less than 500 grams should be okay. The difference between the original sleeve and a onahole is night and day. If you like the firmness of the original sleeve, go with the regular version of the onahole. I prefer these much over flesh light products as well. Everyone has different preferences, this is just my opinion.

Feel free to ask any more questions, I’m more than happy to answer. Good luck and report back with your results.

Lol, this is real. Price on the straps went up haha.

Screenshot 2021-12-13 Amazon

Unfortunately the videos are not available anymore. I want to give this setup a try. Are they any pictures how it is weared? I am a little bit skeptical that it slips away from the body…

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Since the videos are not available, I am also looking for a way to adjust it to the body. Can someone show how it fits the body?
Thanks a lot.

I tried this, and imo, this is by far the best, hands down. If thehandy team was smart, they would improve this instead of going with that shitty clamp.