Hands free

has anyone come up with a good mount or harness to be able to use the keon hands free while laying in bed ive seen the ones that clamp to a table and use a monitor mount but lets be honest most of us like to actually laydown in bed and the “hands free 60$ pillow” absolutely sucks so post pics or dm me with pics of what you guys have created

I could probably design one for the community but 1) I am a Handy man :slight_smile: and can only recommend getting a handy instead and 2) I don’t have a keon as ive not needed one since the handy does it all…


If you give me dimensions, photos with a ruler etc, I’m sure I can snap one up as a 3d printable prototype but this will be around after the 24th when i have some free time :grinning: :+1:

Though I should say also that I have some handy stuff to do to but it should be fine.

shoot me a dm i have some rather good ideas