Handy 1.1 (incl. warranty) + Elgato handsfree mount for sale in Germany/Europe

Hi there,

I‘m selling my almost new Handy 1.1 purchased in February 2023. The device is still under German/European warranty until February 2024.

Unfortunately, with my current demanding job and living situation, I cannot really use it enough to justify keeping it. That also means the handy has not been used more than 10-15 times since I bought it.

I also offer a complete package including a se hands-free mount that consists of an Elgato table mount, as well as Elgato’s flex arm kit. The handy is connected via a metal camera mount that can be easily detached from the device (it uses 2-sided foam tape for better grip). Additionally, I upgraded the band to a professional version with rubber lining on the inside.

Here are some pictures:


can it hold a Kiiroo Keon ?

You mean the Elgato mount? Not sure, you would need a connector specifically working with that.

How sturdy is the arm setup when holding the Handy? It looks like there would be some movement when its in motion, but can’t tell how solid the clamps at the joints are?

I’d say it’s pretty sturdy, you have to really screw the joints tightly when setting it up.

But usually, when the handy is set up as shown in the picture, it is slightly “resting” on your lower abdomen and does not move in usage. If it’s just free-floating, it can move around a bit.

Hi is it still up for sale?