Handy 150ms delay with firmware 3 and local video playback - only me?

After the firmware 3 upgrade all of the scripts I run need about -150ms offset to be in sync. Firmware 2 was in sync. I wonder if this is a general problem or something wrong with my device?

Mac user so using web players for local video playback - like handyfeeling.com and Stash. It’s the same with the bluetooth player https://funscript-player.vercel.app/

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So feedback to this thread also welcome from my side…i haven’t done the firmware upgrade yet and i surely want to know wether this issue is the “normal” result :wink:

I’ve never encountered offset issues on FW3, but I still prefer FW2. Strokes feel definitely shorter to me on new firmware. Good thing you can downgrade if you are not happy with it. Never really understood what’s the point of releasing a new firmware when it only creates issues for most people.


I totally agree on both statements.
I’ve also considered to downgrade, but haven’t done it yet. I’m a little afraid that many who have had issues with FW are those that upgraded early and those that up/down graded more than once, at least that’s the impression I’ve got.

Im on FW 3, never been on the others as its fairly new but it is always out of sync for me. End up having to mess about to find the sweet spot usually between 100-200 even though only 22ms latency.

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Thanks. I think I will downgrade again until this is resolved, super annoying. Have reported it to Handy support and the said they are looking into it. Probably be good if everyone with FW 3 issues report them so we can get a rapid solution.

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How can ı downgrade ?

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Downgrade: Handy Firmware 3.0.0 – Handy Setup

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Seems to be a new firmware available. Don’t know exactly when it was released, but it’s newer than what I have and I upgraded from v2 to v3 2-3 weeks ago.
Handy Firmware 3.2.0 – Handy Setup

Handy Firmware 3.2.0

  • Time synchronization should now be more precise, as it can filter out unreasonable values from its computations.
  • It is now possible to loop scripts.
  • Improvements to the stroker control, which should now be more precise during very fast movements.
  • New LED code for hardware errors: fast RED/WHITE fading.
  • Fixed a bug that could in rare cases prevent some slide movements.
  • Time synchronization will now be preserved between disconnections and mode changes.

Is anyone still having issues with this, mine just wont sync up no matter what I do with thehandyfeeling local player.

I’m on firmware 3.2.0 and sync won’t work for me in handyfeeling. No influence so far.

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Same here. Tried 3.2.0 and the offset is still needed. And I can’t downgrade anymore. Too bad, I liked FW 2 much more.

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