Handy 3d Printed Sleeve Grip Questions

The most challenging part about the handy is strapping in. I see they have this on their community site and I’m interested in it getting something that makes this easier.

Has anyone tried this?

I don’t have a 3d printer so am looking to order it online, anyone do this and where did you get it from?

What material did you use?

How did it turn out?


I ended up ordering the 94mm version from sculpteo and had it printed as one piece with multi jet fusion pa12 material and it showed up exactly as it should. Works great.


I haven’t tried it myself, but the drawings stated that the filament material is PLA. In the comments there is one that might be relevant too: Nicely designed. No issues printing with Simplify3d. Just need to print it a little bigger.

As a person who enjoys attaching various types of sleeves (In my case, onaholes)

I made my own sleeve grip using 3d pen even before knowing about 3d printed ones.

This one is made using ABS filaments

Grips are really good for alternate sleeves since they prevent long sleeve being rubbed against the Handy.

So I highly recommend using those if you are planning to attach alternate sleeves!

But beware of the weight on the sleeve you will be using. That’s all that it matters.

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its good, printed it and using it for some onas

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never thought about using 3d pen to create those gadgets. you are like Sanago guy on youtube.

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great idea! Would love more info on how to do and what 3d pen is best.

Which mm u print for it?? 84 or 94??
I just bought a tomax lilith and i need one too…