Handy App Idea

First of all, I respect ALL of this community and appreciate scripters.

anyway, I have an idea for a real-time sync.

I think the handy connect to Chaturbate or similar sites by a web application or extension.

but I’m not a programmer. so I don’t know about some details.

what do you think? is it a possible idea?

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That would be SICK

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YES! That is what I’m working on at the moment.

Armguware is an entertaining service which provides you to watch livestreams of Chaturbate
later at any time and find highlights in the streams effortlessly.
Now it supports FunScripts playing via Bluetooh with recorded clips.

It is not really perfect yet (e.g., its UI, AI model, algorithm, etc.), and also I’m not sure if this is a good idea.
Its installation might look troublesome as well.
But anyway, I would gratefully like to hear any precious feedbacks from you.
Many many thanks!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlterveraCare
Web: https://www.altervera.com/


I tried your armguware program but It didn’t work.
I added users via your extension but did not apply to the webpage watch list.
add-> refresh, new add-> refresh…
tried the same process many times.
I don’t know what is problem.
by the way, thanks for your awesome work. this is cool!

I have fixed some issues regarding the problem you addressed.
The latest version is 1.4.12-beta. Would you mind trying again please?
Also please accept my apology and I hope I didn’t have wasted your time too much.
My bad. I should have done more tests before uploading the code to production environment.
Thank you!

I have made a short demo. Here you are.

I was actually struggling should I post a demo clip or not. It’s because the intention of this application is not really for recording streamer’s videos and post them on web. Once you have got a feeling of what the application can do, please let me know. I shall remove the demo clip. Thank you very much.

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I actually made something that I think is similar to what you are describing:

It responds to tips and plays programmable scripts/motion based on the amount and duration. Targeted towards OSR but you might be able to use it with Handy via buttplug.io.

The development was paused tho due to not many people wanting something like that and me focusing on MultiFunPlayer, so it needs a bunch of updates or even a rewrite but should be usable.

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handy is not respond anything
is this set wrong?

you did a good job.
this is my process order.
not like your reply video demo or web tutorial :disappointed_relieved:

Oh, yea iirc buttplug was broken. This is a build that I fixed some time ago, should work: Filebin | 8kpto8ak751wbbfm

You have to expand “Buttplug”, then “Device map” and map for example L0 to handy.

I’ll probably merge it with MultiFunPlayer some day.

The REC icon should have been in red color, like following.

May I ask if you are using a Mac?
If so, is your Machine Base Folder writable?


And many thanks for your encouragement!

Would be really happy to join forces with SexLikeReal dev team

Armguware vApp 1.5.110-beta has been released. This version utilizes AI to have live haptic feedback with a Handy. Following is a preview on RedGIFs.

Demo preview on RedGIFs

Blonde Blowjob Brunette Porn GIF by bnj09033

The AI and algorithm still need improvements. Please give me your previous feedback. Thank you very much.

By the way, if you have your favorite CB model, please tell me? Let’s organize some live tests (says it’s called “RUN! Handybate”) when the models get live on CB, shall we? If they do not charge too many tokens, I am very willing to tip so that they can do BJ or HJ.


Hey I wanted to test the new version and this time it doesn’t work for me.
I don’t see any welcome message:

Oh, by the way:
Why don’t you switch to Docker?
And why not set up a Discord for easier communication and news?

Hi! If you have an old version installed, please remove it and download the latest version from the web (https://www.altervera.com/install/). After that, please access https://localhost:8006/ on your Chrome/Edge browser. It shall open a web page to continue. And yes, I’m using Docker in the vApp. I’ll have a look at Discord. Many thanks!

I thought the welcomens message in the terminal is an inidactor that the vApp is fully started. That’s how you describe it on your homepage :slight_smile: And I already tried to go to https://localhost:8006/ but it doesn’t work. (website not reachable)

If you are already using Docker, why do I need VirtualBox? Let me start it through Docker then?

I just rebooted a few times and for some reason it works now? :person_shrugging: Maybe I didn’t wait long enough. My bad :laughing:

Yes, you’re right. The welcome message indicates the vApp has started functioning.


But I am not sure why it’s black screen on your environment. I shall do more experiences to figure it out.
The vApp contains Docker and other programs to make the whole system works. A little job might need to take them a part. I might have a look at that too.

Many thanks for your suggestions!

No no. I actually appreciate you very much. No worries.

I have tested a bit and have to say that it still seems to be quite laggy. Sometimes the virtual machine doesn’t start and I don’t see a welcome message. And when it works and I add someone from CB and look at the UI (like in your demo preview), it runs but then hangs: The slider doesn’t move anymore (of course it could be that the AI doesn’t recognize anything), but then when I try to reload the page it doesn’t respond at all, it seems like the WebServer or something else starts to hang, I don’t know for sure. Sometimes I see the welcome message but I still can’t go to https://localhost:8006/. I have also allocated more cores but that doesn’t help either. I don’t use CB, but I think the idea is cool and I hope you keep working on it until it works better :slight_smile: I would also like to be able to use the whole thing without an addon, so I can go directly to https://localhost:8006/ and there is a button where I can type in a name and then hit add. It would also be good to have a log file to see if anything threw errors. I hope this is good feedback for you and I am not too hard on you.