[handy] are there any handy script sections?

Hi mates

I am curious if there are any handy specific script sections? Because i think it is much more pleasure if the script changes the location/ height of the sleeve too, instead of just changing the speed :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I don’t know what you mean by that. You can use any funscript for handy as well and if the script is not only going from 0 to 100 then it will also change the depth of the stroke.


Scripts do control the positions different than the hardware control buttons on the device. A script file can reach any position.

But keep in mind that the hardware stroke lenght setting is meant as 100 in a script. The real position is scaled down according of your hardware stroke lenght setting.

You can search for the handy tag to find scripts that are supported. But normaly any funscript will work.


thank you both!

I am a total noob - then i just had some bad scripts with only different speed modes.

I will search good ones :slight_smile:

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You may have used a script for a pmv or hmv video (porn/hentai music video). Those are usually made to match the beat of the music, and not what’s actually happening. Same goes for cock hero.

Edit: Turns out there are actually scripts out there that move with the action, but only alternates between 0 and 100…


Just noting, in case you didn’t know, that the Handy defaults to a reduced range. You can adjust the range with the up/down buttons. If you want max range, just keep pressing the up button until the light flashes red to indicate that it’s at the limit.