Handy Constant Dropped Connection Errors

Since day one my Handy has had trouble maintaining an erection…I mean connection. : )

It will connect to SLR easy enough but 8 times out of 10 it fails to connect due to connection timeout. I haven’t been able to find the error using Google so I am thinking its not common? Anybody else experience LOTS of issues with Handy connecting to a script or keeping a connection to a script?

The Handy is not connected to the script. The script gets always downloaded to Handy and the player tells Handy do start and sync every now and then depending on the app. So try another player…

Does a red led blinks during play?
Are you downloading something in the background?
Are you on FW3 or 2.13? Use 2.13.
Bad wifi?

If you want to avoid the problem entirely, you could try using the handy in bluetooth mode. You’ll need to update to the latest firmware, but I’ve found it to be much better than wifi.

Not sure if you can use SLR through BT though. I use scriptplayer and initface to play scripts.

Thanks, will give that a try!