Handy control error: 1001: Device message buffer is full

To anyone that can help I know this topic exists with some general statements but no threads with a resolve. Not sure how to fix this error everything was working fine and then this occurred. Someone mentioned power cycling I would assume that means reboot? To clear existing messages not sure. Any suggestions?

Try changing the connection key, that worked for me.


I’ll give it a shot again but it didn’t seem to work

Now it just starts to download the script then says script prepare error success false machine timeout

Have you tried the sync test video?

If you are completely stuck then send a question to TheHandy contact@thehandy.com (that’s the email that is shown when the tech support bot fails to help you).

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Sync test works fine. I guess I have to at this point reach out them. Its really strange it will load and play 10min or less scripts but any larger it times out. Any larger than 10 minutes Set Stroke time out a task was cancled. Script prepare error machine timeout.

My Handy experience for the last month or so:

Press button for script mode
Light flashes purple, times out, back to green
Repeat step 1 until I get a solid purple light pulse
Play video/script
Back out, try to play another video/script
Client error: Error sending script to Handy
Unplug power, plug back in and go to step 1

second on changing connection key. from what i can surmise, a queue, probably for each connection key, on the handy team’s servers are being filled with messages and not deleted properly. a function to auto delete messages in queue after time date difference reaches a set threshold would fix this


I’ve changed my connection key like 12 times and still it will only load 9-11 minute scripts anything larger it won’t go through and times out. Does it matter where the connection key is altered, handyverse, handy connect app, the website

Didn’t even think of this. Have had the same key for months now. I’ll give it a shot

This is what is written by TheHandy on reddit:



As of 2:46 PM on June 7, 2023: Our dev team has made some changes on our end to hopefully diminish this issue. Please leave a comment under this post if you are still experiencing issues.

Thank you!

Carly @ The Handy Team

Hello Handy Users!

Over the past few days we’ve received a fair number of people report Error: 1001 Device buffer is full messages. A member of our Dev team put this message on our Discord:

Some general info on the buffer full error

There’s a limit to the number of messages that can be in transit between the server and the device due to the device’s memory restrictions. The server operates a transit window with ten slots. Each message sent to the device occupies one slot, which is released when either:

  1. The server receives an acknowledgment (Ack) from the device indicating that the message has been processed.

  2. The message is deemed too old, in the event of an acknowledgment timeout, which could be due to the device’s inability to return an Ack for any reason.

  3. Moreover, the server holds a buffer of ten messages. A device buffer error is returned if both the server buffer and the transit window are full. Therefore, a general guideline is that there’s a limit of 20 (10+10) non-acknowledged messages to a device.

However, it’s important to note that a single API request doesn’t necessarily correspond to a single message. If you’re using API v2, certain requests may result in multiple messages to the device. For instance, /info and /settings translate into four separate messages to the device. Therefore, simply counting the requests might not yield accurate results.

In addition to this, the device may occasionally receive internal messages. If you have shared your connection key with others, or are accessing your device via multiple apps or tabs, these could also contribute to sending requests to the device, and thus filling up the buffer.

Changing your connection key can help mitigate this issue. Also, note that a device-server clock synchronization process is initiated when the device goes online and connect to our servers. This process shouldn’t take more than a few seconds (dependent on your location), but while it’s ongoing, it could restrict the message throughput to the device.

Lastly, turning off the device’s Wi-Fi will disconnect it from our servers and clear any existing buffer and transit window. This can be useful to reset the buffer/transit window.

Our Dev team is also doing some work on our end to see if there are any bugs. At the moment (6/6/23 12:43 PM) there is nothing to report.

Thank you for remaining patient during this time. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced!

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Seeing this as well now. Handy is pretty much useless. Tried all the suggestions here, working on installing HandyControl next.

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