Handy control script problem

When I goto load a script command come up about APIResponse unexpected character false success fail. I have no idea what these things mean can anyone help?

There’s a bug in some of the new API and Firmware stuff, it’s not just you.

Make sure you’re on firmware v3.2. If you are and it’s still not working, try beta.funscript.io - I’m still working on it, but I built in some workarounds that should hold you over until all the bugs on SweetTech’s side are fixed.


Thank you I really appreciated the response at least it’s not just me I will try those things thank you again

Hey there, i am having the same issue with handycontrol so i decided to check out funscript.io but there seems to be an issue with the playback there. I can get my handy working in remote control mode but when i use the local player nothing works, it plays and loads the script but then handy is not responding.

I had to downgrade from 3 in order to get it back and working. There’s instructions on the handy site as how to downgrade

Yeah I’ve heard from a few people that local playing isn’t working - I’m going to have some time next week to properly investigate, sit tight until then! Have you tried the beta site? (beta.funscript.io)?

Yeah it’s weird, it just randomly works every once in awhile but majority of the time just fails to play.

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