Handy cup mount reccomendations?

I bought the official Handy Handsfree cup a while back. While I don’t feel like my Handy is in any danger, like I worried when I just used a big vice for mounting, my current setup is more “one-handed” than “hands-free”. The posable arm I bought just doesn’t provide the stability I was hoping for, so I always have to keep one hand on the device at all times to make sure it stays in place.

I’m sure it’s stable enough for a phone or camera, but it’s another story when you involve something that heavy meant to move that fast. Has anyone found any adjustable arms that have a decent range of motion while being solid enough when tightened that I shouldn’t have to worry about holding it in place?

https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0B311QHFG?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details that clamp together with an magic arm is very nice.

Ok. So this is what I have figured out … if you go to Lowes/home Depot etc. To the plumbing section you should be able to find a rubber pipe coupling reducer like what I linked below. I then took one of my old camera tripods and attached the smaller end of the coupling to the bottom of the rod that would normally hold a camera and then I fit the larger end of the coupler onto the top of the handy. What’s awesome about this is if you have a milking table setup, the can just reverse it and have the handy meet with you right under the table. Or if you just want to lay back and relax, just extend the legs of the tripod horizontally and it makes a perfect hands free rig. Best I’ve come up with so far and it is multifunctional

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Small Rig 10 Inch Magic Arm does the job for me. No wobbling when fastened. There’s also a 5.5 inch version if your desk is of the right height.
image image

I replaced the crab clamp with a c-clamp that works better on flat surfaces.

If you are looking for something longer to use on bed etc, try something like the Tarion Camera Arm.

This set-up works for me. I usually lay down when using it.

I got the camera mount thinking I would be able to use the handy on its own with it but its not sturdy enough - Personally a top and bottom mounting point works best for me.

The stand was recommended on ero - something scientific and cheap to purchase, the metal base is cold so I cover with a fleecy sock.

I quite like the fact the stand starts to bounce rhythmically - certain patterns etc, and when edging, my dick gets a life of its own and is able to do its thing.

I put something behind it [for me, a memory foam cushion] for it to bounce against and as its between my legs I place something over the back of the Handy [a jumper usually does the trick] and place into inner thighs to keep it level and not have it tilt over, always wants to push naturally over to the left, if I am semi-erect in a sleeve on the Handy.

I can re-jig it for different positions, the set-up in the pic works for me most of the time, quickest set-up and ‘get into it’ time, rather than faffing for the sake of fap faffing.

When not in use, I take the Handy out the top mount, leaving it on the tripod thing, unclamp the bottom mount, put the Handy away after cleaning and ‘re-lubing’ if needs doing. [Delete the Handy from the pic, leave the rest of it as is] The stand, just plonk it out the way amonst the other random musical stuff I have in my room.

I’m looking at different types of clamps to use with the handsfree cup, but problem is choosing between the C clamps or the crab clamps. Seems like the former is best and most stable for flat surfaces like tables, and latter isn’t as good but can accommodate round or poles.

And then, how short or long should the entire clamp structure be as it connects to the Handy? If you have something like a long 10"+ magic arm as opposed to a short 5", 3" or even no inch clamp, will it rattle or wiggle more? Is there a higher chance of the clamp itself failing?

Because the last thing I want is an accident between a powerful toy and my dick… so what would you guys recommend?

I have smallrig but I think flex-arms are much better
I put you different links


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