Handy ESP32 emulator

Hello everyone,

I’m using this emulator to control my device:

I’m wondering if Handy based emulator would perform better with fast scripts so I’m asking if anyone has built something like that or knows how to do that.

I usually use device with SLR app and that is also requirement for Handy emulator.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The Handy doesn’t use Bluetooth like the Launch does - instead it communicates to the Handy servers. It’s still based on an ESP32 I believe so it should in theory be possible to figure out what messages it’s sending/receiving and create an emulator. It’s definitely an interesting idea…

Thanks for the response. I’m 0 % familiar with Handy and tried get solution with zero effort :smiley:
I changed my Launch emulator to emulating Kiiroo KEON and that seems to be performing better than Launch emulator (receiving more commands from fast scripts), but still missing many.

I have pretty powerful setup with Arduino, Odrive and BLDC motor that could keep up much faster that Keon emulator is receiving commands. I could even buy one Handy if I could use it as a controller for my setup, but could that be too complicated? Handy itself is too loud for my usage so that is why I’m working on my own project (currently Fleshlight is making more noise than my device itself) :slight_smile: I’m really interested if anyone have any idea how to receive funscript commands as fast as possible.

Btw. What are the limitations of Kiiroo KEON protocol?

BLE was added to Handy in the 3.0.0 firmware!
An ESP32 Handy emulator should be much easier to make now, right?

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