Handy Feeling Glitch? Micro Stutter in Video Causing Handy and Video to Stop?

Like the title says I was using Handy Feeling to play a video I downloaded from Iwara with a matching script, for some reason once it hits the 1:15 mark it stops both the handy and the video. I tried restarting the page and video with the same result. It only seems to be this specific video and timestamp since the script works normally with other videos that match. Now checking out said video on both my phone’s local player and VLC, there’s a seems to be a micro stutter/pause on said timestamp but it keeps going like nothing happened, so local players can play this normally despite that stutter. However Handy Feeling doesn’t like that. Anyone experienced this and know of a work around? I can assume the video itself is corrupted in some way, and was thinking maybe I can re-render it through my video editor and hope it fixes it :person_shrugging:
Before anyone asks I use Handy Feeling on my phone and it always works flawlessly, except for this occasion.

Now the video in question in this: Iwara

Okay so I think I found a work around on my own, hopefully this will help people if they find themselves in this situation. First you need access to a PC and a video editor, and all you need to do is re-render the whole video and make sure you have matching setting ie frame rate, size, etc… I rendered it out on MP4 AVC with a bitrate at or higher than the original(so that the quality doesn’t deteriorate) and there you go! PS: Yes I know I became my own solution, if this is against the rules(unsure), just tell me and I’ll delete it. :yum:

You can try funscript.io as an alternative to handyfeeling for future troubleshooting

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