Handy firmware 3.0.0 testing is open

This is just an info from the Handy team. Find more information in the link. Handy Firmware 3.0.0 (Testing)

I have not tested it yet but they told me that you now can use Handy offline. Currently it only supports manuall changes directly on the device but more features will be unlocked later in the testing phase.

Its no connectivity at all at the moment in the 3.0.0 FW. Just up and down motion. But more and more features will come in the next weeks

IMPORTANT : Firmware 3 is still in development and is meant only for users who would like to give us feedback about its progress. It lacks features, has bugs, and is NOT meant for general usage (yet). A downgrade to firmware 2 is always possible, but requires setting up a WiFi hotspot from your phone.
Ensure you can do it before testing!!!


I hope ScriptPlayer and DeoVR one day will work smoothly with the Bluetooth support from the new Handy firmware… this would allow people to not have to use their oculus devices online

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Maybe you could clarify your words because as far as i know using theHandy offline has always been possible (no wifi enabled etc.). but i assume we’re talking about offline scripts here?

The current offline mode (manual buttons) is something I am not using. They are talking about offline remote control from your PC or similar.

If the new firmware is finished as I understood then you can send commands to Handy without internet connection (without the server API). The Bluetooth support will make this possible. But the devs also stated that not everything will be possible. We still have to wait and see whats comming…


@Lucifie yes, that seems to be the case. really looking forward to finished bluetooth support. theoretically the oculus go has bluetooth…