Handy Firmware Preference / Benefits

I’ve been switching between the handy 2.xx and 3.xx firmwares, as I noticed 3.xx has a slower stroke speed and shorter range during medium-fast segments. Also, it seems to not fully stroke down compared to the old firmware; less overall sensation.

Which firmware do you prefer?

When I first upgraded to FW 3 I had the same opinion as you. I was sure the new firmware was less stroke and slower. So I did a before and after video and guess what I found? FW 3 has a longer stroke and appears to be more responsive. It does appear to be doing something different when changing direction - maybe not as abrupt, and I think this is what is causing the different sensation. Here’s a video comparison I did: fw_comparison


i prefer whatever one my handy has, i tried to update but the process is torturous and i had yellow green flashing lights for 4 hrs and nothing changed, its a naff way to update so i am stuck with what i came with

Yeah, took me 6 attempts before mine was successful a few days ago going to 3.1.0 from 3.0.4.

That’s a great comparison vid. I should also note that the differences I see are when scripts/vids are being played, not the manual or remote modes