Handy first Time setup

Hello i have a problem with the Handy and i have problems to connect the device to he pc. Unfortunately I can’t find a good instruction. Is it via Bluetooth or only via wifi and is it possible to use the handy with scriptplayer and funscripts?

Have a look at their official youtube channel if you haven’t done that already.


Already done yes but dont work …

You may have better luck getting support over at their official discord

Also on their subreddit

Go to handysetup.com for setup instructions. The Handy doesn’t connect to your PC, it connects to the handy servers and your PC communicates to the Handy via those servers.

Bluetooth functionality is still being developed and is coming sometime in the next few months as far as I know.

But yeah in general the subreddit or discord is the best place to go for questions! :wink:

ok now i connecting it to my wifi and have my key

now i need to connect it to scriptplayer :smiley:

as far as i know, you cant connect it to scriptplayer

You can with the beta version.

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uh nice, thanks for this info!

@Gregz1337 Have you tried HandyControl instead? It’s a different program but designed with handy and the handy keys/api in mind.


EDIT: I see that ScriptPlayer has direct Handy control too now! Hats off to both developers for staying current :cowboy_hat_face:


I will try it thanks :innocent: