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ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them)

Since the last public release (1.1.0 on 2020-01-18), the ScriptPlayer betas versions have gained a couple of features. I’ll try to maintain this list between releases in case any of you have been waiting for some of that.

Here is a small tutorial on how to get the most up-to-date build of ScriptPlayer (full installer, no tech-knowledge required):
How to download ScriptPlayer Beta Versions

Please keep in mind that some of these features are experimental

  • New heatmap that displays the approximate range of commands
  • Improved Handy support (Range slider now works with FW 3)
  • Command Line Interface (Details here)
  • Updated to Buttplug 1.0.16 / Intiface 20.0 (*)!
  • Support for The Handy, including local script hosting
  • Support for DeoVR synced playback
  • E-Stim support (generated from funscript or via MP3)
  • Move/Rename/Delete Videos and all related files directly from the playlist
  • New folder browser dialog
  • New favourite folders dialog
  • Fixed some playlist-related bugs regarding “repat single file” and “shuffle”
  • Fixed some multi-monitor related issues
  • More Input-Binding options and commands (including mouse and overriding default key-mappings)
  • BLE Spam-Filter (Fixes Launch connection problems when close to spammy BLE devices like phones with Corona Apps installed)
  • Added a mini-control box (play/pause/heatmap/etc in a small separate window)
  • Auto Script-Reload option (for creators)
  • Generators now have an option to only use the left half of the video
  • Menu and controls can now be pinned. Those and the side-bars now have separate states for fullscreen / non-fullscreen
  • Probably a lot of other stuff I can’t remember

* It should now support Handy via BT but might break native support for the Launch. I haven’t received any feedback on either of those possibilities.

Feel free to comment here or (even better) create an issue on GitHub


Latest build contains some improvements regarding re-syncing The Handy.
(Still sometimes runs into issues after 30-60 minutes, but since restarting The Handy usually works I guess it might be a firmware-problem)

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Small update:

The menu and player controls can now be pinned/unpinned and all pinned/expanded/size settings will be stored and treated separately for fullscreen and non-fullscreen.

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Is this DeoVR from Steam or works with Oculus Quest too?

I’ve only tested the Steam and Android version, but I assume all others work the same.

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Must be on the same network, Windows version shouldn’t matter

The last time I asked the Handy devs they told me that the API requires a Win10 PC.
I had trouble to get Handy working on HandyControl because of unsecure security ciphers in Win7/8.

Not sure if they already done something about that.

Try HandyControl and see if you can connect or if you get this error.

Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

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I have tested with a windows 10 computer and it works.
It was the same scriptplayer’s configuration and the handy was connected to another LAN.
It’s definitely a bug with windows7.

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Thanks for confirming, I didn’t know that.

I recently added a new “favourite folders” system, that lets you define a set of folders to be used by commands like “move”, “add folder”, etc.
So if you always move your files to the same couple of folders this should save you a lot of time.
(Also comes with a couple of new keyboard shortcuts, e.g. to instantly move the currently loaded files to a “default” folder and play the next entry in the playlist)

New folder selection dialog


Edit favourites in the settings dialog



New features since my last post:

  • New heatmap that displays the approximate range of commands
  • Improved Handy support (Range slider now works with FW 3)
  • Command Line Interface (Details here)
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