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ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them)

Since the last public release (1.1.0 on 2020-01-18), the ScriptPlayer betas versions have gained a couple of features. I’ll try to maintain this list between releases in case any of you have been waiting for some of that.

Here is a small tutorial on how to get the most up-to-date build of ScriptPlayer (full installer, no tech-knowledge required):
How to download ScriptPlayer Beta Versions

Please keep in mind that some of these features are experimental

  • New heatmap that displays the approximate range of commands
  • Improved Handy support (Range slider now works with FW 3)
  • Command Line Interface (Details here)
  • Updated to Buttplug 1.0.16 / Intiface 20.0 (*)!
  • Support for The Handy, including local script hosting
  • Support for DeoVR synced playback
  • E-Stim support (generated from funscript or via MP3)
  • Move/Rename/Delete Videos and all related files directly from the playlist
  • New folder browser dialog
  • New favourite folders dialog
  • Fixed some playlist-related bugs regarding “repat single file” and “shuffle”
  • Fixed some multi-monitor related issues
  • More Input-Binding options and commands (including mouse and overriding default key-mappings)
  • BLE Spam-Filter (Fixes Launch connection problems when close to spammy BLE devices like phones with Corona Apps installed)
  • Added a mini-control box (play/pause/heatmap/etc in a small separate window)
  • Auto Script-Reload option (for creators)
  • Generators now have an option to only use the left half of the video
  • Menu and controls can now be pinned. Those and the side-bars now have separate states for fullscreen / non-fullscreen
  • Probably a lot of other stuff I can’t remember

* It should now support Handy via BT but might break native support for the Launch. I haven’t received any feedback on either of those possibilities.

Feel free to comment here or (even better) create an issue on GitHub


Latest build contains some improvements regarding re-syncing The Handy.
(Still sometimes runs into issues after 30-60 minutes, but since restarting The Handy usually works I guess it might be a firmware-problem)

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Small update:

The menu and player controls can now be pinned/unpinned and all pinned/expanded/size settings will be stored and treated separately for fullscreen and non-fullscreen.

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Is this DeoVR from Steam or works with Oculus Quest too?

I’ve only tested the Steam and Android version, but I assume all others work the same.

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Must be on the same network, Windows version shouldn’t matter

The last time I asked the Handy devs they told me that the API requires a Win10 PC.
I had trouble to get Handy working on HandyControl because of unsecure security ciphers in Win7/8.

Not sure if they already done something about that.

Try HandyControl and see if you can connect or if you get this error.

Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

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I have tested with a windows 10 computer and it works.
It was the same scriptplayer’s configuration and the handy was connected to another LAN.
It’s definitely a bug with windows7.

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Thanks for confirming, I didn’t know that.

I recently added a new “favourite folders” system, that lets you define a set of folders to be used by commands like “move”, “add folder”, etc.
So if you always move your files to the same couple of folders this should save you a lot of time.
(Also comes with a couple of new keyboard shortcuts, e.g. to instantly move the currently loaded files to a “default” folder and play the next entry in the playlist)

New folder selection dialog


Edit favourites in the settings dialog



New features since my last post:

  • New heatmap that displays the approximate range of commands
  • Improved Handy support (Range slider now works with FW 3)
  • Command Line Interface (Details here)

Hey there, I’ve been trying get my we-vibe verge to work in conjunction with my Handy for a while now, and I haven’t been able to find a good solution. What I want to do specifically is have multiple devices using different funscripts linked to a single video source. The closest single app I’ve found to what I want is MultiFunPlayer, but it seems like it was designed for the OSR in particular, and while it has multiple channels and a bunch of connectivity options, there’s pretty much no documentation out there for it, so while I can get it working with Intiface, I haven’t been able to hook it up to the handy via wifi. Using the Handy through bluetooth with Intiface just makes all of my devices respond jerkily.
Scriptplayer, on the other hand, can connect to the handy directly while also using Intiface, but it seems like it can only run one script at a time.

So my question is, a) is there some way for Scriptplayer to route multiple scripts to different devices, or b) is there a way to get multiple copies of Scriptplayer running at the same time, linked to a single video player?

Right now, the only way I’ve found to do what I want is to use Scriptplayer to control the vibe, link it to DeoVR, and have that app control the Handy directly. That means I can only watch video using my headset, which is kinda awkward.

Nope, neither of those things are possible

That is sad. I am sad. :frowning_face:

Srsly tho, thanks for responding. I think that being able to do one of those things would really improve scriptplayer, but I can barely make a python file to convert up/down motions into vibration intensities, so I’m certainly not going to try and guess how hard it would be to program multiple script functionality in.

I’ll keep troubleshooting, and if I find any solutions I’ll try to remember to come back and post them.

Why do you need multiple funscripts?
Do none of the vibration-conversion modes work for you?

hey having this weird issue keep happening and cant figure out how to resolve it. Everytime i load a script and then connect my handy then scriptplayer will stall for a few seconds and will just close, ive tried connecting my handy first then the script but still closes a few seconds later. ive enjoyed using scriptplayer alot so would like some kind of resolution from anyone who could help. thanks

Apparently an issue with the HandyFeeling server:

Hello :slight_smile: I ran into a bug that prevented e-stim audio from playing when using an external player, found that someone else had already reported it, and I think I’ve found the issue. I sent you a pull request with what I think is the proper fix, feel free to have a look at it.

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Update: Should be fixed now - new beta version available:


@Liquid Multi-axis devices (like OSR2 and SR6) have a funscript for each axis.

Edit: Sorry all, trying to figure out how to block quote the original post.