Handy & Fleshligt Sleeves

Hello Everyone,

I am relative new to this incredible forum, and I am a huge fan already.

This question probably has been asked 1 million times before, but I was just wondering if there are some good guides, tips, DIY, 3D printing, etc. ways to use Fleshlight Sleeves (or the full case) with the Handy. (I currently use the Handy desk mount and so far no complaints)

I like the sleeves from Handy (got them all), but I also have like 15ish Fleshligt Sleeves that I would like to incorporate in this mind blowing world.

But so far I have not found good tips or guides, so I thought lets ask the experts.

Thanks in advance for your support!


I got a home made ghetto solution made from half a drainpipe and 2 straps and 4 zipties but I’d love to see some expert solutions that don’t involve a 3d printer

It’s possible to attach a fleshlight case with just a little mod on the case itself (file the rings on the case to make a perfect fit with the handy support) and a good elastic strap.
The fit is solid but a fleshlight is quite heavy for the handy :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

There a 3D printed adaptery thing on this page.

Using Fleshlight with TheHandy - General - EroScripts

Only issue is that the handy isnt designed with the extra weight in mind. May slow down the max speed of the device and or cause it to get hotter than normal.

Anyone use a bad dragon sleeve with the handy? How has it compared and did you need an adapter for it?