Using Fleshlight with TheHandy

Hi folks,

i found this 3D Printable File for a clamp to mount fleshlight to TheHandy. Reports say, due to higher weight of Fleshlight compared to ariginal sleeve, “engine” of Handy is warming up over time, but otherwise it is said to work nicely


I just use an extended strap and Fleshlights work fine, don’t know if it’s slowly damaging the handy though.

Me again
Try this , it doesn’t even need an extended strap

What is that?

can’t open the download…windows 3D Paint is loading with no result…

@pallokala2 @Doc1977 It is an stl-file used for 3D printing. It should open with the 3D Builder app in Windows 10 by default.
handy converter

When i open this its super tiny, what scale do you have it on?

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out. The model scale is kind of fixed based on real world dimensions since it is a blueprint for 3D printer.

hmm, when i open it in 3d builder its 5.5cm tall dont think its properly scaled.

Yeah same with Cura, I still don’t know what it is and how it’s supposed to be used.

It’s a scaling issue in cura I think either 2540 or 254 or 25.4 upscsle should give you the right size, then you just pop ya fleshlight in and strap it to handy .
It was done on imperial CAD system so that’s why scale change is required

looks like 2540% in cura. gives me 139cm tall gonna try printing it. cheers dude!

Enjoy mate

139cm!? Are you going to stick a sex doll in it? :sweat_smile:

haha, 139mm :smiley: mah bad! but that would be amazing :smiley:

Can you report back??

How did it turn out for you? And was the Fleshlight too heavy for the handy or does it continue to function properly??

Hi poet,
its my design and i can report it works perfectly well even using standard velcro strap, if you leave the sleeve full length (lucky you) i cut mine to just past the size of my fella and that reduces weight, you can still pop sleeve back into fleshlight after cutting so no problems

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Awesome. That’s extremely helpful.

I’ve been contemplating purchasing a Handy and didn’t want all my Fleshlight sleeves to go to waste. Glad I’ll still be able to keep using them.

Appreciate you getting back to me!!

I don’t have a 3d printer, is it possible to order one of these from someone? I’m too embarrassed to ask on a generic 3d printing request site.


What strap did you use as I’m having trouble setting mine up where the strap doesn’t just slide off.