Handy for sale - EU - €100

I have a handy that’s waiting for a new owner - due to privacy issues in my home it’s being used much less than it should be.

For the flat rate of €100 I can ship a parcel within the borders of EU containing the Handy in its original (however slightly broken) package. The original sleeve is still unused, so I’ll include it unless you’d prefer me not to.

Did u get you get my pm?

Hi there. Pardon my late reply. It’s complex for me to ship to the UK - after you guys left the union it’s much more expensive and there’s the risk that you may have to pay a customs fee when receiving it. We can go ahead if you wish, but I’ll have to increase the price to €140.

Hello, np, where you from? I’ve brought a SR6 from someone in france without issues. Is that 140 all in including postage?

Yep - €140 including postage. I’m in Denmark

You can write directly to my email brzbckcph@gmail.com if you want to go through with it.