Handy is really slow

Got a new handy today. I open it connect to wifi etc. Set min and max position to maximum stroke length. Start a script with no sleeve jsut empty and it only made small move for 0 to 100. I try without script and same. If I put a sleeve it stop and start to make red light.I think it’s a power problem. The power supply look different than the previous handy I had. Any suggestion ?

Ask a question in The Handy official discord. They have a tech-support channel there.

I had this issue when i first got mine, the grease they put on the screw is very thick and takes time to soften up, best thing to do is put it on manual mode with a slow full length stroke to start with and up the speed gradually until it loosens up.


I tried this for few second yesterday but when I reach around the mid speed I guess it finish by lock and blink red. You to ?

Try moving the sleeve holder with your hand up and down a few times when it’s off and see if it helps.

Yes it would get stuck and flash red, just have to keep trying until it loosens up, took a few weeks to get to the point where i no longer had to “warm it up” by letting it run on manual mode for a few minutes before using it.

I had some mecanic oil it’s way better but keep slowing on top and bottom position maybe with time it will be better I hop. My first handy wasnt like that

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same as advice above; turn on for a while to loosen existing oils on the metal rod. if that doesn’t help after a while warming it up, then add some additional screw/mechanical oil to the metal rod and turn on for a minute or two

I add mechanical oil it’s ok now.

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