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My handy does not work with a fleshlight minilotus. I am assuming its because of the weight. It works fine with any other lighter sleeves but not with fleshlights. The motor tries hard to move the fleshlight up during upward motion but just gives up and stops working until I restart the device. Seeing all of the good reviews about handy, I’m wondering if this is common or a problem with just my device. Anybody running into the same issue?

I haven’t tried a fleshlight with my Handy personally, but I’ve seen many discussions from people with the same experience as you and the Handy engineer himself said in Discord a while back that the fleshlight is too heavy for the motor and even if you can get it to work, it will slow it down. Some people have said that if they stand and hold the Handy horizontally, it works for them.

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yeah nothing new here, thats why im not buyng the handy… i love the fleshlight sleeves, and i have many of them, love the varity.

The handy motor is just to weak to handle the fleshlights. Beside the problem that the handy cant hold the fleshlight case without diy modifications. But with the case the handy isnt working at all. Without the case it will do his job more or less, but not as good as the launch.

Have to say, if you want to use Fleshlights, the handy is the wrong tool. You better try the new keon i think… (the keon has its own case, but the fleshlight fits perfectly in it.)

maybe there will be an overworked handy in the future with more “power” but the actual handy isnt just the right thing to use fleshlights. But there are other sleeves out there… try some of these, but for me, fleshlights are the best out there, so i stick to the launch, and if it will break someday i will try the keon or something like this.

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Quick question. Is it because the Handy is untethered/Bluetooth that you would rather wait for a newer/stronger handy or other Bluetooth stroker rather than look into the OSR2?

My one can handle Fleshlight Turbo. Slower than normal with maybe 20%

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What’s the wieght of a fleshlight? (Casa and sleeve without top cap)

around 1.5 lbs I believe

Yeah makes sense. My launch broke recently. Wish I knew handy wouldn’t support fleshlights before I bought it. Its just because of the variety I prefer fleshlights. Not supporting fleshlights and no handsfree is a bummer. Other than that handy is a pretty good device overall.

Thanks for your response!

Yeah holding horizontally does work a bit better. Thanks for letting me know.

Do you use the handy sitting, standing, or laying down?
and just some personal adjustments I’ve made with the handy.

I use the handy sitting down at my desk, I prop the handy against the desk to use it hands-free. I put a pillow on top of the handy and lay my forearms over the pillow as to prevent it from moving and use my hands to adjust the handy or control my mouse to adjust the script.

I’ve replaced the velcro strap with an old gym bag strap with the same width that is similar to a backpack strap to easily adjust the tightness of the sleeve I use this to adjust the sensation of the handy sleeve.

(Fleshlight Suction)
I did this with my launch prior to it breaking. (I suggest only trying this if you have spare cases) I poked a hole at the top of the case and rolled a condom over the case. I then rubberband the condom at the seam of the cap and case to prevent air from escaping as intended where you loosen the cap or tighten the cap. I then poke four holes through the condom in an X, the center of the X is the hole on the cap. This creates a much more intense suction sensation using a fleshlight you will have to make adjustments to your liking. Also be wary of the suction, like penile pumps too much suction can be dangerous.

(Handy Suction)
I did the same with the handy sleeve I poked small holes in the original sleeve and poked holes on a condom in a similar fashion and rolled it over the handy sleeve. This allows you to squeeze the air out from the top of the sleeve to create a more intense sensation and suction from the original sleeve. This is my preferred sleeve

(Handy Fleshlight Sleeve ) Trail and Error
This requires you to tailor the sleeve to your size by cutting it, first if you have a transparent sleeve like Ice or Turbo where you can see where your penis bottoms out at. I recommend using that as a measuring tool. In a similar fashion to how I modified the handy suction, you will do the same for the spare fleshlight sleeve (DO NOT STRETCH OUT THE SLEEVE). Find where you bottom out at on the sleeve cut 1.5 inches to 2 inches above that spot as well as any excess silicone (If you still have the insert tube use that to hold the sleeve, if the sleeve is stretched you will overcut) and roll a condom / handy sleeve and rubber band it to the fleshlight sleeve turning it into an onahole. You will need a new strap in order for this to work with the handy due to the fleshlight girth and you will have to cut a horizontal line at the top or bottom of the orifice rendering it useless with a fleshlight case so that it doesn’t rub against the handy. (AGAIN ONLY TRY THIS WITH SPARE SLEEVES). I did end up having to toss a sleeve due to cutting too deep.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

I use the handy laying down and thats probably the reason it does not work with fleshlights. I will try tailoring the sleeve as you suggested and give it a go. Hopefully this will work. Thank you!

@Hahn81 I just hope maybe fleshlight and thehandy company collaborate on sleeves. would be great. i think its dumb from people to expect thehandy to be able to move with a full fleshlight (+even the heavy case)… what makes the handy great in the first place is its power (with the original sleeve) and its motors speed. i doubt the launch or other devices can be as quick as the Handy with a fleshlight on it.

And dont get me wrong, i still use 80% times fleshlights manually over the handy. just like the more natural feeling and the sleeves are indeed great. (recently read that fleshlight changed the texture of the STU sleeve! :confused: )

the handy is great with all its possibilities regardin syncing, API, responsive company/engineers etc. and IMHO theyre already making a lot of things right.

the handy simply wasnt designed for big old fleshlights. simple as that. if some people manage to get it to work nonetheless, then good for them.

@BRomes i would do it with the original sleeve if thehandy.com offered new sleeves to buy from their site… but dont want to risk the only sleeve i currently got…

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