Handy Looper - an app to easily create and play motion loops

Handy Looper is a free web app for creating and playing loops on the Handy. Loops are motions that repeat until you play another one. Like the buttons on the Handy itself, Handy Looper is meant to be used on its own or with the content of your choosing.

Handy Looper comes preloaded with loops which you can customize to your liking:

Then hit the :man_running: button and the loops will be sent to the Handy. Simply tap on one to start it playing!

You can use Handy Looper from any web browser on mobile devices or desktop computers. Chrome, Safari, and the Android version of Firefox can also install it as a standalone app.

Feedback is very much appreciated!



This is pretty cool. I was hoping to see something like this. Sometimes I just like to watch something without a script and the manual function can be a bit boring. Some patterns are always interesting and nice to use.
Thank you for sharing!

Some suggestions:

  • Can you make the preview a bit bigger / wider? When it is a bigger / wider you can see the pattern better.
  • Would it be possible to combine the patterns? For example: 5 minutes of slow, then 2 minutes ramp up, 3 minutes pound, 1 minute cooldown and 2 minutes finale.
  • Would it be possible to make custom patterns there? And maybe even make them shareable with others?

Great idea to make the preview bigger! I just updated it to make it about 3x wider when editing a loop. Speaking of, yes you can customize the patterns by clicking on them before you click :man_running: to play them (or after you click :stop_button: to stop playing them). You can also delete them and add your own instead of modifying the preloaded ones.

As for combinations, I had a similar idea and may add it in a future version. For now you can just tap a different loop when you’re ready for a change.

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Nicely put together mate :+1: I haven’t loaded it up, yet. But will definitely be checking this out. I still use TheHandyApp and it’s great for what it does, one thing that is missing is short pauses in the stokes.

One thing I noticed about your app, and this may just be me. The animations are running in reverse. A script plays from left to right, the animations in your app run right to left. So when I connect the handy will the stroke follow the motion from right to left?

Thank you, already way better. Could still be a bit bigger ^^ What if you would put the preview under the customize parameters? And maybe make it possible to drag the sides to left / right for make it as wide as you like?

For example:

Found it, thanks! Pretty cool stuff you can do.

Great, thank you! Looking forward to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the kind words and the link to TheHandyApp- I’ll definitely check that out!

About the motion and the animations- they always run from left to right. I think sometimes there’s an optical illusion where they appear to run from right to left but I assure you this is not the case. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion and the screenshot showing the idea. I do think I could find a way to make it even wider on wide screens like yours while also making it fit on small screens like mobile phones in portrait mode. I’ll see what I can do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is super cool. It just needs an option to connect the SLR6.

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You are welcome and thank you for taking suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad you like it! I’d like to add support for other devices, but I don’t have any. I don’t even know what a SLR6 is. :joy:

Definitely look into it, its a revolutionary toy with 6 degrees of stroke patterns. There is a whole discord community that makes them and offers upgrades. Also, if you didn’t want to integrate to use this software, maybe being able to add the different patterns into a script and then be able to download it would be good enough. Sort of a plug the patterns in and just run the script sort of thing.

cool app :)! - any way you could add bluetooth support like Web Funscript Player - Enjoy Funscript Videos on iOS, Android, Web has? i think there’s some api called WebBluetooth that lets websites communicate with bluetooth devices.

do you mean the SR6?

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Yes, sorry. I meant SR6. Somehow I got it confused with a camera. lol

Thanks for linking to that app! I tried it out and it worked well with a random Funscript I tried. That said, most scripts I see tend to be simple linear up-and-down motions which fits well with WebBluetooth/Buttplug.io’s “move to this position linearly” command.

To get an idea of how the complicated motion loops in Handy Looper might perform over WebBluetooth, I used Simple Script Creator to generate a sinus with a 3000ms time per loop and 20ms resolution and exported that as a Funscript. That’s basically the same as the “Slow” loop that’s preloaded into Handy Looper. Unfortunately, the motion was very herky jerky and not a good experience. I then tried another sinus with a 1000ms time per loop and it stuttered really badly.

I think the combination of Bluetooth latency and Buttplug.io only supporting a simplistic “move to this position linearly” command are the cause of the poor experience for complex motion loops like in Handy Looper, but I’m no expert in Bluetooth, WebBluetooth, or Buttplug.io. Perhaps someone who knows these better than me could chime in with tips for how to improve the experience as it’d be great to add support for all the many devices supported by Buttplug.io.

ah right, yeah i’ve noticed that with some scripts ive tried on bluetooth before as well actually…

my current situation makes using the handy connection key protocol thing impossible as i’m on a username+password protected wifi network, which is why i was curious about the bluetooth option. alg if it’s not worth implementing tho

i guess you could also maybe add some lower res patterns? like sawtooth or stuff like that. but ya i think most people just use wifi to connect to the handy anyway.

It’s possible to create simple up-and-down motions in Handy Looper using a Bounce wave with Bend set to 0. You can even using Spacing, Hold, Lean, Stroke Zone, and Inverted and the resulting motion loop will only have straight lines. I’d expect loops like that to play well over Bluetooth, but they’re a very small subset of the kinds of motion the app supports. Perhaps there could be a Bluetooth mode that restricts to just these settings if there’s enough demand for such a feature.

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Very happy I just found this, looks like it is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Are you planning on supporting more than eight patterns?
It would be also great to copy/duplicate patterns so that you can easlily make variations

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