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Web Funscript Player - Enjoy Funscript Videos on iOS, Android, Web

Web Funscript Player - A straightforward WebBluetooth Funscript Video Player :heart_eyes:

An extremely straightforward web-app to enjoy your favourite funscript-enabled videos on iOS, Android and the Web.

How to use :fire::

  1. Visit the site
  2. Connect device
  3. Load funscript file
  4. Load video
  5. Enjoy!

When finished, click the disconnect button to disconnect your device from the site.

Note: The player does not currently support VR videos. Only 2D videos work currently.

Tips on loading videos :bulb::
I used my iPad Pro to test and opened a ~300mb video. The video wasn’t loaded locally on my iPad, it was connected to a shared folder on my network; there’s a delay of about 30 seconds from tapping ‘till the select box goes away and it’s loaded up. The video also had trouble playing when I seeked to different times. I have not tested a video that has been saved in the Files app, maybe it’d be faster and would work better.

Regardless, I had a great experience using the Video URL feature. Just paste the URL of the video and enjoy. The player supports both standard video formats & HLS streams.

Requirements :face_with_monocle::

  • iOS: Currently, only this iOS app works properly. It costs $2.99, a small price to pay to use your toys on the go in my eyes.

Edit: Here’s a picture of the app in the App Store:


  • Android: I haven’t tested on an Android device yet but Chrome for Android supposedly has WebBluetooth already baked in.

Development notes :spiral_notepad::
I was upset that I couldn’t use my Kiiroo Keon on my iPad and wanted something like ScriptPlayer to exist. A native app would take much longer to dive into / develop, but a web-app that we can use with a web Bluetooth browser, sign me up!

This web-app was initially put together in the last two days, I enjoyed putting it together but my body did not (lack of sleep and good ‘ol problem-solving fatigue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

I intend to improve this web-app over time.

Two most important planned improvements currently:

  • Device Playback: I wish to make device playback smoother. Current implementation is real rough around the corners, especially when it comes to quick actions.
  • Video player: Unfortunately, the iOS app that we need to use to be able to play on iOS seems like it dosen’t allow for full screen with the video player the site uses. I was disappointed not being able to full-screen and tried other web Bluetooth browsers on the App Store, some of them do allow for fullscreen, but unfortunately none of them actually work with devices properly.

Current roadmap (as of 6th feb):

  • Improve codebase quality
  • Work on new faster method to reduce latency between device and events
  • Support VR videos / move video player providers? (one issue w/ current player; last i tested, current player fullscreen does not work on iOS when using WebBLE which was pretty annoying)

Gave it a shot? How’d it go? :sunglasses:

Gave the web-app a try and want to share your feedback? Reply to this thread, I’d love to hear from you, thanks again!

Thanks :love_you_gesture:
A big thanks to the works of @qdot and the buttplug community. The buttplug implementation that the web-app uses is great. The connector implementation was sped up greatly thanks to Buttplug Playground and it’s GitHub, oh the powers of an open source world! Donating to buttplug would be a great way to show our appreciation :slightly_smiling_face:


October 4

  • Added heatmap under video
  • Don’t log debug logs in production
  • Fixed issue of using incorrect funscript file path

October 11

  • Added link to discussion forum
  • Added dark / light theme

November 14

  • Reworked / streamlined UI

old_ui Old UI

new_ui New UI

April 19 2022

  • Vibrating devices are now supported. (Added settings state linked to local storage, currently with variable to set command type. User can select device command type, previously only linear.)
  • Added hotkeys with a space bar hotkey to pause/ play the funscript only playback bar. All hot keys can be seen in the settings modal shown after clicking the settings button.
  • Refactored logic concerning events (still not happy with this, feels jagged esp when a lot of actions are packed together. Will need to sit and focus on ways that’ll improve playback smoothness.

Is there a way to play a script without a video?

looking forward to trying this out. thanks for your hard work!

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Not at the moment no, but it’s a good idea. I will look into something that can be seekable when I get around to implementing this; would be pretty dull to only be able to play a script without being able to seek to different parts at will. Cheers.

hope ya have fun :slight_smile: :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for your Effort. I tried it today on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Android) with Chrome, but, i had no Luck. Keon get’s connected and give a short Impulse after the connection was successful, funscript is loaded and also the Video File. When i start the Video, my Keon does nothing. Don’t know what i do wrong. Fuscript and Video have the exact Name. Also seperate Folders, 'cause if the Funscript is in the same Folder as the Video, the Funscript cannot be found. (sorry for my bad english)


What is the name of the iOS app? I tried the Link and it would not load for me. Not sure if I’m having connection issues or something else.

Just added a picture of it in the App Store in the original post. Try searching ‘WebBLE Bluetooth’ in the App Store, it should come up if it’s available in your region.

Damn, that’s interesting. I don’t have an Android device to test with but I’ll try my options to get a hold of one and give it a whirl so I can see what’s up. This web-app uses the Buttplug library and worked great in supported WebBLE browsers; if you’d like for a solution in the interim look around the Play Store for other Web Bluetooth browsers. Cheers.

Thanks! I found it!

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This will be amazing if it works, will test it out later! Thank you

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The author has done incredible work, but I had the same issue as you. The Keon Does nothing after connection. Waiting for further development

Yes, unfortunately does not play script through Keon. Connects to Keon, gives an initial stroke, but does not play the scrip after that. Tested on android an PC.

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True, dont work with KEON on PC (win 10 with BLE) and android

Sorry, I can confirm it does not work with Keon via PC or android. Connects to Keon but does not send script to device. Would love for this project to get up and running. Watching closely

Fixed, site should be working again.

Jesus, this is what happens when one doesn’t write tests. Changed the way funscript files are loaded-in but failed to reflect this change down the path.

That was somehow pushed to prod from back then but didn’t come up for me locally (looks like a stuff-up cos I was working on another branch around then).

Site was working fine from the 17th but that issue was pushed on the 19th. I’ve pushed a fix for it now along with a feature I was working on; displaying a funscript heatmap under the video.

Sorry for that lads; give it a rip now should be good :slight_smile:


Thanks! Works now :wink:

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Thanks for the fix. Works 100% now. This is a game-changer for playing scripts easily! Thanks for your work

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Glad to hear it; could you test it out on Android and let me know if it works? I don’t have an android device. Cheers.

@FritzGerlach @Deron @Hopper725 @evilrobot @bogapp @Super_Handy there was an issue with playing that I fixed; just tagging you lads incase you tried to play a video and it didn’t work at the time.