Handy loud in faster parts

I usually don’t have a problem with the sound from the Handy. But lately my device has been making this loud tick sound at higher speeds. Not going in super high speeds and far from max (yellow in OFS maybe), but at some point it starts ticking at every transition between moving up to down.

Anyone recognize this? Had it for two years and used maybe four times a week.

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Try add some grease to the mechanical parts. Search here on the forum for advice on that. It has been discussed several times and I think there was a topic on it with tips how to just a week back.

This is the topic I thought of

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Thanks for the thread! I do re-grease with super lube now and then but I think it doesn’t fix the loud tick when turning at the top.

As I usually say in cases like this. You might get help here since many use TheHandy, but this is mainly a scripting forum. I would recommend that you ask in official TheHandy Discord channel where you can get answers directly from the manufacturer. Invite link should be available in the page footer of https://www.thehandy.com/.


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