Handy maintenance

Was wondering if any handy users have used wd40 or some other kind of mechanical lubricant on the handy? I must have dripped into the mechanism, my handy made a squeaking sound for a few strokes then went away.
Does anyone have any suggestions or methods for keeping the handy working properly?

The Handy Team itself has not released a list of grease you can use. They just mentioned that it should be a thick one. I have not used any grease yet but would try it since my Handy seems to get louder :confused:

WD40 is a bad idea from the comments I have seen.


When first starting up, my Handy sometimes makes grinding noises that sound like a duck. It stops within a few minutes but it’s been happening for several months. I don’t want to risk voiding the warranty so I haven’t done anything about it.

If I ever decide to lube it, I’d try to open it to directly apply oil to the proper areas. I wouldn’t just spray into the device. I would also likely use Mineral Oil for Hair Clippers. I used this once to repair a DVD player and extended it’s life by about 4 years.

WD40 is not (really) a lubricant - at least not long term.
I usually use grease (the kind you would use for gears or bearings) with some MoS2 to lube rails and spindles.

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I also read somewhere that wd40 is a bad idea and not really a good fix. Something as sophisticated as the handy properly calls for proper placement of the lubricant.

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Have you tried MoS2 on the handy?

The Handy team only recommended using thick, high viscosity lead screw grease, because thinner lubricant like WD-40 will thrown off the gear when Handy moves. Nothing specific but maybe it will give you a lead.

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WD40 is more multipurpose lubricant, but designed to be a penetrant and degreaser. Better suited for loosening rusted fasteners and cleaning tools. You may be able to get away with using 3 in 1 Multipurpose Oil as its definitely thicker. I’d go with something like an automotive grease. I use Lucas Red N Tacky for work on cars, bearings, etc. It’s thick stuff, and won’t sling off, and should last a really long time, if not forever in a Handy. Those two products are both around $3-$5. There’s other products and brands that are similar and should work. I’d just take note on the ingredients to make sure everything is skin safe. I’d stay away from anything that sprays for this.

You don’t need a ton of grease either, just enough to make a light coat. You should still have 13.8 ounces left over, or basically a lifetime supply.


Yes - I had to disassemble it (quite hard to do without breaking the gasket), but the grease+MoS2 worked like a charm.

How exactly did you manage to open it? Can’t find any videos around on it.

@qdot made a teardown video a while ago.
Basically you need to know where to press, and wiggle until it comes apart.
Quite scary to do the first time, but as long as you are careful it shouldn’t be a problem.
(If you break it, I’d recommend buying a handy instead :sweat_smile: )

Do you know of a video like this that exists for the handy?

Unfortunately no