Handy movements are jerky in multifunplayer

Just got the handy working with multifunplayer. But the movements consist of hundreds of little jerky movements as it goes up and down. What is going on. I played with the motion types. The only one that doesnt jerk is the step type. But then there is no speed control. It goes up when the script hits a peak. Then it goes down when it hits a low point. But there is no up slow and back down slow. It just runs up at the peak then sits there until the script has a low point. then it runs down at the same rate (moderately fast).

Any help is appreciated.

Use this build, it should be slightly improved: nightly.link | Repository Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer | Run #2592884921

The main problem is that handy uses bluetooth for communication which is way too slow, and so it can only handle about 10 updates per second. You can try setting update rate for buttplug output to 5-10hz which should be smoother but you are losing a lot of movement detail generated from MFP.
The handy team refuses to add a local wifi option which would work perfectly with MFP. I might add a seperate handy output that would use their servers but im not sure how much better would that be due to ping delays.

Thank you. I thought it was just me. But sounds like it’s a Handy issue, not a dumb user issue. I’ll try the link.


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