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Handy-mpv [ Linux player ]

Hello, as mentioned in this thread:

I am sharing with you all the script player I’ve been using. This is a player I made myself after not finding any good player for Linux that fit my needs.

This player requires python and mpv to be installed on your machine. it is also recommended to use it with special actions from your file manager to easily launch it from any video file. seen below.

Here is the readme for more information on how to install and use this script. Enjoy!


Simple script to play funscripts using mpv and the power of python.


Q : Quit application

up arrow: pause script playback but keep video playing.

down arrow: Re-sync script / restart script playback. use this if for some reason your script becomes out of sync.

all other mpv shortcuts should work as inteded.

Installation / requirements

  1. clone this repo
  2. create a virtualenv python -m venv venv
  3. activate venv . venv/bin/activate
  4. install dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Setup your handy key in the file.
# ...




# example usage
$ python yourscript {args}


--double: doubles every stroke in the provided script (does not modify the actual file)

This option is mostly created for fapheroes. results may vary for normal scripts but sometimes creates very interesting results.

for fapheroes however, this makes it so every beat is a full stroke. so assuming you have 4 beats such as:


the resulting motion will be:


instead of:


this was created to more closely match the way I would play fapheroes without the handy.

aditional notes

  • on startup, the script will do a time sync with the handy server to insure accurate strokes. The server delay is stored in a file and the sync will no re-happen for an hour after that.

  • on the first sync with the device. it is usually required to run the script twice. if your video never starts. it’s probably for this reason. simply re-run the script.

  • pausing the video will pause the script. however, if you press the resync button. the script will start playing with the video still paused.

  • scrubbing the player automatically scrubs the script to the appropriate timestamp.

  • If you have a looping video, the script will also loop.

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Get the script here:

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Amazing stuff! Thanks for the share!

I can finally stop using browser for my handy. thanks for this.

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happy I could help! didn’t think anyone else was in the same boat as me. I’d have shared it sooner.

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