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Feature idea

Hi, I just got an idea for a feature that could be added to players. It could be good to add a key that let continue the video but stop the script and then after an other press restart the script at the video position. When you are close it could be better than pause the scene for example in VR. (Maybe I’m wrong and it already exist somewhere ^^)

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I use the pause function on my Keon to edge while being able to continue the scene and arousal.

Does your device have one ?

I’m waiting for an OSR2+ so don’t know, I guess no

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If you get the OSR with a power buss you will have a kill switch for the action! It is not elegant but it works. You have to be ready to jump when you turn it back on thought.

I am really hoping that when the Nogasm is implemented into the design that it will work somewhat similarly where when approaching orgasm the device will stop but the video will still keep going and then after a certain amount of time it will kick back in.


I made a simple player using python and lib-mpv for the handy that does that. reason for this player was that I didn’t find any good player for my needs on linux so I coded the one I wanted. guess it’s time I share it with everyone.

It’s very bare bones and I will offer very little support for it. but if people want to dig in the code they can go ahead. I’ll make a thread for it today, so keep an eye out.

here it is