Handy not playing last few seconds of script in WiFi mode with ScriptPlayer

Hey all,

I’ve been meaning to ask this for awhile, but does anyone else notice that their Handy stops early when using WiFi mode and ScriptPlayer? Like very consistently it just stops about 3-5 seconds before the end of the video even if there is still script to be played.

Often I don’t notice since a lot of videos have some blank space at the end which negates this issue, but many videos I’ve been using recently are either designed to loop or have a big finish at the end with no blank space afterwards.

Just curious if others have experienced this and if there’s any advice on how to fix this other than manually adding space at the end of the video lol.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

Yeah same here.
Thats why i set the mode “Play Infinite” for looping in HandyControl.
This way it plays the Script to the very end and loops.


Ooh I never would have thought of that. Excited to give it a try, it could be the quick fix I’ve been looking for! I will report back with results soon. :blush:

Uhh sorry but could somebody please explain how to set the mode to “infinite” in HandyControl? I’m not seeing any options about looping anywhere in any of the settings pages for HandyControl.


click for this message



Thanks a ton! I was a little confused about how HandyControl works and didn’t realize I needed to have a script loaded to use that button. Unfortunately learning that still hasn’t quite solved my problem and has only lead to more questions.

I can get my Handy to connect to HandyControl, and if I upload a script manually the Handy will play it, but I can’t seem to get HandyControl to work completely with the video player I use, DeoVR. I didn’t realize until today that HandyControl had direct DeoVR support, and thought it only connencted to ScriptPlayer, but now I’m not even sure about that.

If I have DeoVR open and start HandyControl, nothing happens. If I disconnect and reconnect the video player, then I get confirmation that it connected to DeoVR and it even loads whatever script is loaded into the video player, so I know both programs are communicating. However, pressing play in DeoVR does not seem to send any communication to HandyControl to start the script, and pressing play in HandyControl will make the Handy play the appropriate script, but does not start the video.

So then I thought “Maybe I need ScriptPlayer running as well?” So I opened it up, connected the Handy and DeoVR, and then suddenly HandyControl started giving me alternating messages of “DeoVR Disconnected” and “DeoVR Connected”. I’m so confused… Could anyone explain to me if or how these three programs are connected? Do I even need ScriptPlayer to use scripts with HandyControl and DeoVR?

Thanks for the help thus far and let me know if I should make a different topic for these questions.

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