Handy overheating

Has anyone else had constant issues with their handy overheating? I’ve had my launch for a while, and never had anythin’ like this. My launch always went off without a hitch. After hearing all about the handy I decided to try it out. Using the default sleeve, I get about 10-12 minutes of use before the base is too hot to have against bare skin. I tied it today with my FL zip tied to the velcro area. Worked great for like 7 minutes then started blinking orange/yellow. I’m assuming that means it triggered the overheat protection.

Just seems with all the satisfied users that either it won’t work for me, or I got a bad unit.

The other thing I consider is that it may not work as well for guys with extra girth. I’ve stretched and ripped a FL sleeve from my girth before, and wonder if that’s putting too much stress on the handy motor (even with a ton of lube). I was under the impression that the Handy was more powerful than the Launch, yet I’ve never had any issues with my FL stuff holdin’ up (other than 1 sleeve).

Thoughts? Anyone else have their handy overheat in under 10min?

Nope, after 1 hour I have to reconnect it because it stops working but it only gets very warm, not hot

no i have used it for at least an hour in one go and yes it gets very warm but not so hot it almost burns the skin
My girth is i think regular but i pull the velcro very tight so the resistance/friction is high and probably puts a lot of extra strain on the engine, but it has not overheated (yet).
So it sounds like yours has a problem if it starts to overheat after 10 minutes.
I read somewhere that a FL sleeve is heavier and if you include the case it might weigh three times heavier then the handy sleeve so the chance that it creates overheating issues is higher.

You mentioned the Launch and FL. Remember that The Handy is capable of longer strokes, a bit higher speeds and more commands per second. When weight and speed increases combined with more direction changes it puts more strain on the motor which ends up in more heat. The Launch was designed for the weight of a FL, while The Handy is not, so the motor in a Launch might be a bit stronger but not as fast (speculation from my side). However, I’ve never experienced what you describe. I’ve used my Handy with scripts that have been over an hour long, and sure it gets warm, but never hot.

Have you tried using The Handy with the provided sleeve instead of using a FL sleeve? Just to see if it overheats or not. If it doesn’t then there could be an issue with using the FL sleeve, although I know people here use the Handy with FL. If the Handyl overheats with the sleeve provided with the product then there might be a technical issue and you should contact the manufacturer and see if they can give some insight on the issue. Maybe it is a warranty case.

Yes, I tried it with the included sleeve first and numerous times. I normally only get about 10 minutes before it’s too hot to the touch.

I only yesterday tried it with the FL and it went like 7 minutes and it totally shut down. While using the included sleeve it got too hot to continue using, it had never shut down. It was merely too hot after 10min. But with the extra weight of the FL it overheated and shutdown at about 7 minutes.

That is not normal. You should contact the manufacturer at thehandy.com and see what they say about it. Their email is at the bottom of the page if there isn’t some kind of support page/form. They also have an official reddit channel and I think they have a discord channel too that you can try.

I have seen a few people who had similar problems but there was no real solution yet. You should contact the manufacturer since the device can’t be used this way.

My Handy works normal for about an hour until the connection drops but thats normal. Reconnect and continue.

I can remember my first days with Handy. It got hot after a while and I placed something under it since it was uncomfortable. Can’t remember if it shut off. Now I have a mount and it only gets warm but not hot anymore. The bottom does not touch my skin anymore so the lower part is cooled by air that is probably 15°C cooler than your body. This will probably make a difference but I don’t know how much and if this will help you.

Does Handy move easily or it it struggling to reach its positions? High resistance result in more energy consumption and thus in more heat.

Seems for the most part to move easily. I’ll contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Thanks

Yes, mine goes into overheat mode even after a few mins or when just sitting doing nothing. It’s not even warm to touch. I am convinced I have a faulty unit as it keeps doing this or flashing red /blue or even just goes off!

Red/blue is wifi-connect failure so that should not have anything to do with overheating unless the wifi-transmitter can be affected by the heat.

Red/orange is overheating.

Full list of led status codes are available at LED Statuses (Firmware 3) – Handy Setup

It does that too but often it flashes red /yellow even after a few minutes.

Red/yellow is update failed :slight_smile: Nuances in colors…

I’ve run my Handy for 60-90 min with intense scripts without ever having seen the red/orange led. I recommend that you contact The Handy support and check with them what can be done.

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same here. I used my “handy” with long cockhero script in hard mode, and i got an overheat signal only when the script had be running for about 1 hour.
Generally, on longer and faster scripts, My handy heats up but doesn’t overheat.

No overheating here. Be sure to always use scripts and not just the built-in modes as the variety of speed and movement in scripts will make overheating less likely than the prolonged repetitive action of non-scripted mode. Does that make sense? If you let the motor go full speed for a while it’s going to get hot, not sure if that’s what’s happening here though. Still seems unusual, hope the replacement solves the issue.