Handy power issues

Does anyone else have a problem with the Handy power connector? Mine keeps falling out or will loose power if not to held in the power connection is very iffy, I’ve tried talking to Handy help who were helpful but you only get a warranty if you buy it direct from Handy if you bought it from a third party store like Lovehoney or Adam and eve etc your stuck.

I had an issue with this. What worked for me was to push the power connector in FIRMLY while giving it a quarter twist then remembering to hold the Handy in a way that minimized my hand bumping the power connector while in use.

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One suggestion is to try a different 90 adapter. The correct connector size is 5.5x2.5 but I’ve heard some people say they’ve used 5.5x2.1. There are also a couple of ways to try and improve your current barrel connector contact but if you screw it up you could do permanent damage to the handy. A Google search for loose barrel connector should give you some ideas if you’re feeling adventurous.

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