Handy promotion not applying

Currently there’s a promotion advertised on the handy website for 20% the handy, and 30% off sleeves with SLEEVES30. My question is, is the handy usually priced at 200 USD? There’s no indication that 200 USD is the discounted price, it looks like the full price at the moment. And the discount code isn’t working for me, wondering if anyone else can redeem that at checkout? I’m looking at this for my first automatic stroker, but 200 USD + 37 USD for the lips + 42 USD shipping to Australia puts it around 415 AUD for me, which I don’t know is worth it.

You barely missed that promo. It ran until the 31st. Others have reported that the banner was still visible shortly afterwards and that’s probably what happened to you as well

Ah, damn. That’s frustrating. Hopefully next sale comes soon, thanks for the answer.