Handy PSA - at least for me

Evening all.

I had a Onyx+ and whilst it did a good job, I could handle whatever it threw at me no worries. After some use, I felt all these “intense scripts” were going to waste as despite its reasonable speed, I felt it wasn’t capturing what the script creator was trying to put accross.

Step in The Handy - No Introduction needed of course.

I purchased one, updated it, got it setup, connected to intiface via Bluetooth, then script player - all good.

I then loaded what appeared to be a fairly intense script and whilst it definitely felt faster than the Onyx+, I really felt it still wasn’t what I thought it should be.

Much fiddling in scriptplayer settings later… I found “minimum command delay”.

Holy hell balls.

It was set to 200ms (must be the default as I never knew this setting existed and as the Onyx+ wouldn’t keep up much beyond this anyway I never noticed). I put it to zero, and The Handy came alive. I went back through my scripts and tried them all again (the other benefit of the handy - being mains powered!) and it was night and day.

I understand this is great for some rushed choppy scripts that have excess commands due to automated script generators etc and you want to ‘smooth’ them out by not forcing every single command to be followed - but most content on here has had alot of time put in and the scripts are pretty clean.

You all probably already knew this… but it blew my mind!

TL:DR - 0ms minimum command delay = happy handy time.


Good to know, I had a similar experience moving from the Launch to the OSR series.

It literally made scripts I thought were rubbish quite enjoyable. I guess it was the Launch that was underperforming and not the scripts.

Glad that you have had a good experience. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

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Will definitely try the next time I use my Keon! Thanks

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Interesting. I haven’t heard of that before but I’ve been using Heresphere. I wonder if it has that setting too?

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If you can do WiFi instead of bluetooth you should try that. WiFi is faster and usually a smoother and more realistic experience, imho.

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Bluetooth has been flawless for me so far since the recent updates etc. But I’ll definitely give it a shot! My Onyx used to DC from Intiface during use as well (even with external Bluetooth on USB extension cable etc. This however is flawless.

Let us know!

good looking out.

Morning everyone!

Just checking to make sure, but is this also a default setting in HandyControl? I did a quick look but I’m headed off to work now and didn’t find anything.

Appreciate any help while I’m out :slight_smile:

Handycontrol has in its main interface the offset setting (where you can also limit the speed and distance), and by default this is 0ms. As it uses wifi there normaly shouldnt be any delays to begin with (and if there is, it does sync this well enough to not be noticed).

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Just fyi it’s not delay to the script. It’s how often it acts on a command - eg if a stroke command is given every 50ms and the settings is set to 200ms it will only move every fourth command.

So talks about wifi v Bluetooth don’t matter regarding this setting.

Then the title and description would be incorrect.

It says that if its a minus value that the handy has to fall back, or if its a plus value it has to catch up. This does not describe enforced delays or intervals at all.

Correct I’m not talking about delay or advance of the entire script.

I’m talking about the setting (named as per scriptplayer) that determines the minimum delay in ms before scriptplayer relays a new command to the handy.

If the script calls for an action every 100ms and the setting in scriptplayer is at 200ms, script player would only send every second command to the handy ignoring all ones in between - not delay or advancing, simply ignoring.

As an alternate example, I actually found a messy script that instead of using a smooth generated curve between its 2 actions (over approximately 300ms), it had maybe 10 tiny steps between them which caused the handy to stammer (with the setting at its lowest in scriptplayer). I bumped the setting to 300ms - just trial and error - and the motion became smooth as it ignored all the noise.

This didn’t delay or advance the script whatsoever, is just widened scriptplayers “blind spot” so to speak.

I hope that helps you understand :slight_smile:

Note that scriptplayer and handycontrol are 2 seperate programs.

Scriptplayer has both script delay (which i think can also be called ofset), and min command delay (which then is the interval between commands) in the settings bar on the side, and i wasnt talking about this program.

Handyplayer only has a single delay setting in its main interface (and the command delay is in the settings near the connection key), which was the programi was talking about as the question was specificly toward this one.

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Mine has been set to 160 this whole time so
I’m curious to give it a go

Cool will have to try this. Mine was set to 166ms and the script delay is -125ms. So when testing a script its better zero both out to get an accurate and true representation of the script?

Correct. That’s now my default and I increase if the script is messy (ie too many “noise” commands you can get from automated script generators)

Here’s my feedback! The Keon felt much much more responsive with faster paces, but felt a bit clonkier with slower paces. However it’s an overall positive feedback! Thanks man

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You’re welcome! Yeah slower scripts need to be nice and clean(no unnecessary points) otherwise you can feel the mess.

Glad you have a positive improvement.