Handy randomly skipping a stroke or two

Hey, I’ve been using my handy some more lately and have encountered a kinda strange behavior.

When playing a script, every once in a while - can be 20 seconds, can be 2 minutes or something - the handy will just randomly stop for a stroke or two and then continue as if nothing happened. I’ve experienced it with various scripts and regardless of the speed at the time.

I use HandyControl (Newest Version) in Mixed Mode, but it happens regardless of me using the controller and whether I use my local machine or handyfeeling.com as script host.

Does anyone know what could cause this? It can be quite annoying as it ruins the flow and immersion quite a bit.

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I’ve noticed a similar effect when I skip forward in the video - the further along in the script the longer it takes for the Handy to “catch up” with the video, almost as if it’s slowly seeking through the entire script to the right position.

Might be unrelated though.


We are working on a smoother script reading process in FW3. I hope we can add that in FW3-beta5. The new method will add indexing, so the seeking is an instant process (it will catch up in ms instead of seconds). In the current FW there is little optimization that may cause the Handy to skip on or to commands while seeking longer/detailed scripts.


I had the same issue with ScriptPlayer at first - a binary search for finding the current position in the script solved it instantly.

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Thanks everyone, that sounds nice, but I’m not talking about skipping/seeking. It happens while just watching.

Do the lights on the device flash or change colors? if they do your loosing connection to the server or some other network issue.


try duct taping tight your power plug connection to your Handy device @zala77 - could be coming slightly loose every now and then


Its exactly what it does :grimacing: Beta5 will do map based seeking (smart seeking)

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They do that at least most times from what I could find out. I’m pretty close to the wifi signal though so I have no idea what I could do… Wasn’t there Bluetooth planned for a future handy update or something?

There is a beta version available but I stopped testing since I get timeouts.

I wish it just had a usb cable…


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