Handy remote control meetup

Hey mates

This is my first day here. I have bought me the handy and im super curious about other interested mates which are controlling my handy remotely.
It’s super exciting.

Does anyone have experience with this?


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Hi @handybud feel free to try out HandyControl. It features a mode that allows you to set speed and stroke with a gamepad almost in realtime. I have never tested this myself but as you can enter a connection key from someone else you could probably control his Handy or someone else controls your Handy.
If you have a Webcam he could even see whats happening :wink:

Any feedback would be nice.

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Wow, that sounds cool! What do you think, would it be possible to connect a Kiiroo Perl 2 and use that as a remote control? As far as I know, Perl 2 can transmit data via bluetooth.

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Yes, i’ve read that on handy discord, but there plan is, that the camgirl / porn actor control the handys of her viewers with a web application. They don’t have a counterpart like the perl 2 where the camgirl could play with. This way, it isn’t that interesting as i first thought.

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If you can read the data from Kiiroo Perl 2 that could be possible but…

  • I dont have that toy so I dont know how the data looks like and how to access it. Does it sends the deepness as a range 0-100?
  • The API currently limits the update rate so there is no live reaction possible if you want to follow the deepness/position. If you send more than ~60 commands / minute the API ignores you for a few seconds where Handy just continues whatever the last command was. Thats why I have included an API counter in the app.

Maybe when bluetooth gets enabled on Handy you can send commands faster.

But for now I could imagine if you calculate the average Perl speed and deepness you could use that to send a command to handy once every 2-3 seconds.

Currently stroke and speed commands are separated so you you need two API calls.

The Handy team is working on a new firmware that has more possibilities. I hope they also rise the command limit for remote play.


Perl 2 can detect 5 positions, whats unfortunately not very much, that’s maybe also a reason why the meta files from kiiroo for the launch also has only 5 levels of deepness. I’ve ordered one of them to see if i can get access to the data.

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