Handy Remote functionality with a modification

HandyFeelings remote feature is quite awesome, but if i flush the browser cache, my saved settings (speed etc) dissapeared.
I was wondering how to restore them after a browser cache? (searched c:/users/$user/* directory, no luck yet).

Is there any local alternative to handyfeeling’s Remote app?
Also if there any setting to change saved settings? For example if i want to save multiple speed settings for the keyboard, and simply change with numpad keys. For example numpad1: speed 20%, numpad2: 30%…
I know HandyControl has the ability to do similar to this with gamepad, but i would need it with just keyboard buttons.


Moved the post to the Help category since no questions shall be posted in the Software category, which is stated in the sticky.

Q1: Once removed you are out of luck. If you need to clear out cached data for some reason you can do so for a specific site instead of clearing the entire browser cache. Usually you have the option to just clear data or handle data. If you select handle data then you can pick what to remove. Just avoid selecting any site related to Handy when you delete data.

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