Handy sextoy lube went into it help plz

Handy sextoy lube went into it help plz, have happened 2 times as far as i know, is it bad?
i did use a Flashlight with the handy.
have it happened for you?

How much lube we talkin here?

i dont really know but perhaps a small spoon, but i did use more then that when i was using it tho perhaps 4 tablespoons, i have turned it with the the notch down so it perhaps will drip out some of it, and the handy is still working also thats good :slight_smile:

Water-based or silicone-based lubricant? Water-based should be gone in a few days when you put it down to dry.

thx for the info yeah im using Water-based lube only :slight_smile:

It should be fine The electronics are pretty well protected. If your really worried, there’s instructions on the handy discord on how to open it up, and its not hard to put back together. Just know it breaks warranty if you’re still within it.

If you whip it against a wall or concrete surface really fast that should get any excess water out

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Not literally throw it against the wall my bad should have been more clear :joy:

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