Handy Sleeve recommendations for someone who finds the original way too intense?

Hello, I am just looking for a bit of a recommendation and to see if anyone has a similar experience.

I bought the handy a small while back and while it feels amazing pre-orgasm, just from the stroking, once I orgasm (while orgasming) it is extremely intense to the point of extreme discomfort even if I slow the thing down to the lowest level. I usually have to stop it entirely which kind of ruins the orgasm.

I have had some success by turning the original sleeve inside out - essentially making it completely smooth- and I can orgasm with this just fine. I feel like it is JUST on the lower end though of stimulation and could do with a tiny bit more without it being too insane.

Does anyone know of any sleeves or modifications that might help here? I’d love to be able to use this thing properly.

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I have the same problem, but I just pull the plug quickly.
I’m not sure that a less stimulating sleeve would be an answer for me because without the stimulation, orgasm may not be reached (I got other shit to do).

There have been some suggestions in other threads to use a trigger/button to start a slower “recovery” rhythm after orgasm. However, I think that’s entirely dependent on the setup you use (hardware and software).

I’ve had some minor luck with using the manual controls on The Handy to disconnect wifi and turn on the default slow manual stroke. But pushing those buttons while I’m suffering post-orgasm torture is hit or miss. Same for quickly changing scripts to a less intense one.

you could try to use it inside out. Never tried it, I usually breath or pause the video. I suggested once to the creator of FapTap a button to pause just the script while the video keeps going, but nobody found it useful. I see many uses for it:

  • to lube up
  • to calm down
  • to edge
  • to have a break
  • for safety
  • to reset the sleeve when it slides out of the velcro

Off course you could just pause the video, but I some time loose erection for many reasons. Then I have to take out the sleeve from the velcro and use the sleeve manually to get hard enough to put it back inside the velcro. I hate pausing the video too when that happens. I hate getting older :rofl:


Climaxing at very low speeds can be a less intense, full body experience without post orgasm torture feelings. It takes a lot of time but it’s a different kind of experience. It’s like the tantra of jacking it.


The other sleeves are softer than the original True Grip sleeve, like the BJ/Vaginal ones especially. I forget the names of them but I have those and the Touch and Coral/Pearl ones. I think I enjoyed the vag one the most out of all of those but I basically only used the Truegrip2 one. I think the mouth was less stimulating than the vag one even though the mouth one looks tighter in the diagram, but I would say just get this one

The lower score is due to less stimulation

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I would also recommend Lotus. It’s very smooth with just enough ridges to keep it interesting, Also not very tight (depending on how tightly you strap it in). Easily my favorite sleeve and I’ve tried them all except for TrueGripV2.

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