I am wondering if someone has been able to access videos via DLNA in my case through Plex server while using Quest2 AND have the SLR app recognize the little blue interactive icon and successfully have a script loaded to the Handy along with the video? A couple of items to note, I can see the folders via my Plex server, they do play through SLR & Quest2, I just cannot get the icon to appear and have scripts load.

I also can confirm that all videos and scripts are named exactly the same. I can side load the videos and scripts into the “Interactive” folder within the onboard storage of the Quest2 and the videos and scripts work as expected with the SLR app, the blue icon appears and scripts get loaded to the handy.

I am simply trying to access video and scripts from my Plex server without the need to load locally onto the Quest2. Any ideas? Thank you all in advance.

@Matthew954 read here:

Step by Step Tutorial - to Connect the above Sex Toys for ALL PC and Mobile Devices and ALL VR Headsets

Specifically Check out the part near the bottom discussing PLEX Help:

Thank you @Realcumber, I thought I had found all the topics on the SLR forums, I had not seen that FAQ, however I have tried the suggestions posted and removed the (year) from a video and I still cannot get the blue handy icon to appear in SLR when using DLNA, works perfect when local running direct from the Oculus Quest storage.

FYI - all my videos and scripts were already in the “other” category for Plex video.

Any additional suggestions?

Hmm, I dont personally use DLNA so those are just the tips I’ve gathered - u might be better to ping Rakly3 on SLR discord for direct DLNA help as hes the goto official help at slr for things like that

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@Realcumber Thank you sir!

I’m having the same issue with DLNA, Quest 2 and DeoVR - Issue fixed for Kiiroo Keon - Place the scripts in the Interactive folder on the Quest 2

Same here, using Emby/DLNA, Quest 2 and SLR. Handy connects fine and I can use scripts hosted at SLR and I can see my videos via DLNA. I can play the videos but not the scripts.

Make sure that the funscript on your Quest and the video file have the EXACT same name (aside from the file extension obviously). Plex changes the name of files based on some internal rules. For example, Plex doesn’t allow capital letters unless it’s the first letter of a word. So Plex changes WankzVR to Wankzvr. My solution is to change the file name of the funscript such that it reads something like “Nina North Wankzvr Date Night.funscript”. Cut the name of the file (minus extension) and paste this onto the *.mp4 file and you should be good to go.

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