Handy strap ideas?

I have been using my handy for a while now and have noticed the strap getting stretched at the loops where the strap goes through. This causes the strap to move first as the band slides and gives me less range of motion. Anyone know of better straps that won’t wear out or can be made?

I personally found the official Handy PRO band quite durable. The Trilancer strap is also a popular substitute.

Before the PRO band came out, @Abdulis DIY’d the “Omega Strapband” with a pair of Trilancer straps. I suppose it provides a good hold, though requires some stitching to put together.

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Thanks @Falafel

maybe try printing out the snugger clips - Handy Sleeve shell and clip in strap snug by Abdulis - Thingiverse @Theswitch


I had all kinds of issues with the original strap and sleeve. The updated stuff they came oit with a while back hasnt given me any issues at all.

Previously the sleeve would come out of it all the time. Was annoying

Take a look here: Found: Good Handy Strap Replacement

Awesome! Thanks everyone! I think I’m gonna grab the handy pro one and see how it works. If it also starts to slide I’ll give these other ones a try too!

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Hi is there something I can buy to make a fleshlight viable for the handy?