Found: Good Handy Strap Replacement

In case anyone is in need, I just bought this double-sided 2" Velcro on amazon and it works well with the Handy.

It is a much stiffer material than the original strap so it stays locked in place in the slot on the mount, and if you have it aligned and tensioned correctly, it does a pretty good job of staying between the strap ridges on the sleeve (not perfect, but better than the original). Plus, since it is a 10’ roll, you can trim it to whatever length works for you and not worry about replacing it when it needs it.

Note: I’m not an affiliate or anything. Just found something that works for me and, in my opinion, is a better option than buying an original replacement.


Looks similar to the velcro I bought some months ago. Works realy good and I did not had to change it yet.

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Thank you. I bought similar velcro straps that are elastic. They’re tricky to get on at first but once they’re on The Handy they are perfect.