Handy Stroke Adjuster v1.0 - Browser Script

I got tired of adjusting the stroke length mid-video by having to exit full screen & manually move the values. I found myself just watching the video without going full screen.

This motivated me to write a script to easily adjust the stroke length on the fly. It was mainly written for my own use, but figured someone has to be having the same frustrations as me.

Any feedback is appreciated and the code is easily expandable to include other sites, if there are requests.

This allows to easily adjust the handy stroke length.

The lengths are controlled by:
Maximum: Mouse Scroll Wheel
Minimum: “Windows Key” + Mouse Scroll Wheel

It currently supports:
Stash, assumes port 9999, otherwise code will need to be corrected.

You’ll need a script manager installed as an extension on your browser to use: How to install user scripts



Did you know that you can change the stroke length with the physical up and down buttons on the handy? It changes it by 10 unit increments.


I didn’t, but even with that knowledge, the script is a much easier way. It can adjust both upper and lower limits, moves in increments of 5, and displays the current limits on the screen as they are adjusted.


came here to say this.

Thanks for sharing this. I had the same problem as you. This works great.