Handy won't receive scripts via WiFi

So about 3 days ago my handy stopped receiving scripts via wifi connection. I can directly connect to scriptplayer and it will recognize the device, but that’s it. No scripts are sent and manually opening the script separate does nothing either. I tried to use bluetooth via intiface and while it works for a while that too just randomly drops connections in the middle of a video (frustrating to say the least). I know this was a somewhat recent issue with 3.2 but after upgrading to 3.2 like, 3 weeks ago, I’d yet to have this problem arise. Was anyone able to find out the cause of the issue or a workaround? Has anyone just downgraded to 3.1 and that fixed the issue?

i have the problem that when i turn off my kiiroo and turn it on again it wont connect to scriptplayer / intiface anymore and i have to restart everything.

Try connecting on handyfeeling.com and clicking the “Resync” button. That fixed similar issues for me before.

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