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HandyControl 1.2.0 (24.05.2021) - Sensor Integration - Control Handy & Nobra with Movements

Not directly. But you can create a folder with everything you want and then use the ScriptFolder and the QuickLoad feature to load the next or random script with a button.

Thanks for al your work and effort.
HandyControl is a really great tool.

I was wondering:
Would it be feasible to use the chapters to control the transitions in a slideshow?

The chapters do not create transitions like blending effects in image slideshows. And images slideshows are currently not supported anyway. But maybe I get you wrong!?

HI got everything installed. my scripts and videos are on a shared drive in another room that I access through network drive. I am able to set up the handy, point it to the networked drive and then everything freezes. I cant close the settings or even change the setting tab. only solution is to control alt delete

Does it freeze when you set the script folder or what have you done?
How you access the drive? Is this another PC or a NAS?
Does it work without the network drive?

Hi. I believe the 4 TB hd is on a machine a short distance from my laptop. I believe I have the drives mapped. So I do the button push in the software and then choose my network, then my cockhero drive.


then it sits for a while sometimes gives a non responses error,


and some times it just sits and takes a while but most of the times after several minutes the correct script path shows up

and now everything is frozen…

I cannot reproduce it. Works fine with my network drives.
Try to set the preview limit to 20 or lower and don’t place too much scripts on the same folder level.

I got a bit ahead of myself there :slightly_smiling_face:
If you ever decide to support slideshows (in any capacity) it would be nice to use the chapters to control them.

Since I can’t get my xbox controller to work with HC. Is there any way to bind actions on my keyboard?

Would also be fun if I could have several ‘presets’ to switch between in the Stroke Generator on the fly. And even have these keybinded on the keyboard.

I might switch one day to another gamepad API to fix this.
Keyboard mapping is currently not on my ToDo list since I prefer the gamepad or the mouse.

Yes, this should be possible if I find some time to continue on the stroke generator. Each chapter could be an image.

This is a new release for HandyControl - V1.2.0
Read the pdf documentation inside the download more detailed overview of HandyControl.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: New Features

:cyclone: Changes

  • Increased maximum chapter count for a script.

Hmm I’m running into an issue with HandyControl and DeoVR with a 38gb VR file, each time I try skipping to any part of the video or if I press pause in HandyControl the VR video just restarts from the beginning but the script in HC seeks fine and plays the script.

Doesn’t happen with smaller sized VR videos so I am still trying to troubleshoot

That sounds weird. Are you on the newest version?
Maybe this file is corrupt in some way. My largest file is about 11GB and by bandwith does not allow a 38GB download. Have you tried a lower resolution?

@Lucifie Can high bitrate be an issue for HandyControl?

38GB sounds like one of those videos that use a very high bitrate e.g. a 5K file with 125 Mbit/s. That usually translates into a 35-45GB video file for a 40-50min video. If that’s the case then maybe @Cloudyfire can confirm the bitrate by checking the file properites?

HandyControl does not care about the video itself. It just sends and receives commands from the media player. DeoVR has some time frame and if that gets disturbed the connection can get lost. The DeoVR API is a bit bugged so I don’t know how well it works with huge files.

Maybe cut (without re-encoding) the video in a small 3min segment and try this. That should then fail too.

@sentinel @Lucifie

Yeah its an 8K VR video, here’s the stats for it below. It actually looks quite nice on my HP Reverb G2 btw lol

Format : HEVC
Format profile : Main@L6.1@Main
Duration : 43 min 41 s
Bit rate : 124 Mb/s
Width : 7 680 pixels
Height : 3 840 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 2.000
Frame rate : 59.940 (60000/1001) FPS

Format : AAC LC
Duration : 43 min 41 s
Bit rate : 128 kb/s
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel layout : L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz

Also, DeoVR can’t play 7-8K videos in more than an unstable 40-50 fps on both my old and new computer. Read quite many forum threads about others with the same complaints. Other video players like HereSphere can play the same video perfectly at 90 fps. I only have the HEVC driver installed with an nVidia gfx card on my new computer. No klite codecs, direct show or similar installed. The old one had those though and it didn’t improve the situation so I blame DeoVR.

Is it just me or The handy remote has better stroke range than anything else? It goes further down than handycontrol

In FW3 the stroke range was increased by 5mm and I guess the Handy remote which probably also runs on API v2 uses this. HandyControl does not limit the range in any way.

I can confirm the same interaction with DeoVR, but I don’t think file size is playing any part of it. I’ve experienced the issue with VR files from 4GB to 20GB as well as flat 2D videos no more than a few MB. Any input on the time line in any size video simply causes Deo to restart the video while the script continues to play and moves to the new selected time. This is the case whether using the controller input controls to skip ahead or doing a mouse click on the time line. It’s a bit frustrating, but I definitely believe it to be the fault of Deo vs anything with HandyControl. Hopefully somebody will find a fix or it will get sorted out down the line

Great work by the way! Wonderful program to use overall.

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