HandyControl error APIResponse..ctor?

Started getting this error today, on the latest version.

Is this something with the software, or a server? Any good alternatives? I haven’t used other players and I like Handycontrols options.

It’s not just you, there’s a bug. See my post here

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copy pasta from their discord server today:

Recent Script Upload Issue

We have just fixed an issue related to a new server that we pushed out that handles script uploading. This meant that users trying to use the HandyFeeling local video play or other third party script players were presented with an error when trying to upload scripts.

The issue should now be fixed, however if you come across any problems related to this please let us know on the
:computer:tech-support channel and we will look into it.

Just FYI it’s still broken for me on the latest version with the most update firmware.

Heads up from me as well, getting the same error message still, just tested it today on two different PCs as well

I downgraded back to 2 and it’s working now FYI ppl

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