HandyControl - local script host - can't get to work

Hi, got my Handy 2 days ago. Installed latest HandyControl and everything’s ok - except I can’t get the local script host working.

Always getting “Script Prepare - Error - Failed to download script” and have no idea what I’m missing.

HandyControl/local script host is running on my Win10 PC on the lan (subnet A).
The Handy is connected to wifi (seperate subnet B).
Both subnets/interfaces (+ the 3rd interface for internet) are connected to my linux server which acts as router and firewall (with home-made iptables rules).

I can connect to the handycontrol-script host locally and also from devices on the wifi subnet - so it isn’t a problem with Win10 firewall.

On the linux server I don’t see any dropped packets in the firewall log - and I’m logging every dropped packet. So that should be ok too.
I also temporarily logged all packets from and to my Handy-IP-address and also from and to the www.handyfeeling.com-IP-address for analyzing the cause and I don’t see any connection attempt from my Handy-IP to the handycontrol-script host or vice-versa. So I don’t get it how this is supposed to work.



Handy and the ScriptHost needs to be on the same network. I have never tested a setup with subnets. Try to follow the instructions in the local script host website.

Can you open the script host website from the other pcs in your network or mobile phone? If not then its maybe your firewall rule or a subnet problem. Handy will use the IP you have selected to download the script. Maybe try another IP if you have more.

Bitdefender Firewall: Add a general rule to allow local port 80 (http) or switch the network adapter to home/office. The script host is using HTTP.sys which can’t be allowed by a simple application rule for HandyControl.

If you find a solution please post it here :slight_smile:

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got it working now - it was my fault :disappointed:

I’ve connected the Handy thru my Guest-SSID to my wlan (and not my normal wlan-SSID) -
because of security (IoT-device and so). And forgot that my Guest-SSID has some restrictions - like NO access to lan-addresses. So, after re-configuring my access point and allowing the connection from the guest-wlan to my Win10-PC everything worked. :grinning:

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